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Arsenal Still Determined to Get Özil Off Their Books But Will he Sacrifice His Moral Perch for Practicality

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Mesut Ozil is rumoured to have accepted that his Arsenal career is over and is ready to move on. That said, there are still hurdles ahead to enable the German midfielder and Arsenal to part company but in essence, a move is now agreed by both parties.

Destination, negotiation and an acceptable offer, now appear to be the more complex issues with a settlement between the North London club and player the first on a rather large list of requirements. It’s said that Arsenal just want to pay his remaining wage (£18m), but Özil may feel it’s not enough for the frosty treatment he’s received and the slur on his reputation.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal career
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The playmaker was allowed to go on vacation once it became clear that he was not part of the FA Cup final squad to face Chelsea and has since been photographed with Istanbul Basaksehir boss Okan Buruk and Turkish television entrepreneur Acun Ilicali.

That has suggested, to the press at least, that Özil will be on his way soon. He will have to consider a substantial drop in his huge weekly wage to clinch the deal but if he wants to play football anytime soon, he will have to make a concession of some sort. In truth, his overall value has plummeted since 2016 to a point where his transfer value would not exceed £10m and he is no longer able to command £350,000 per week.

Ozil needs to wake up and smell the coffee because he will not feature for Arsenal regularly, if at all. The player may have to climb down off his moral perch to commence his football career in, probably, the worst contract extension deal in history.


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I’m told by a source close to the club that Mikel Arteta and the club are “determined” to get him off the books and that he has “No future” at the club. That’s the easy bit, but ensuring that this divorce is executed quickly may be extremely difficult, with so many subplots.

My own opinion is that Ozil will indeed leave Arsenal before the deadline or face the prospect of more humiliation by frittering his career and talent away on the bench. There comes a time in the proceedings that a moral point is secondary to fulfilling your own talent and finding happiness.

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