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Ozil’s loan deal to Fenerbahce is going to be almost impossible to secure

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Arsenal’s apparent desire to rid themselves of the dysfunctional Mesut Ozil is something that’s been talked about before the transfer window even opened.

The German playmaker’s wages have been a constant burden to the midfielder when compared to his work rate, general performance and contribution to an inconsistent Arsenal side.

The team was crying out for his talents in the final third of the season and in the Europa league final but Ozil didn’t deliver. Those dissatisfied with the Arsenal number 10’s efforts have decided that he needs to leave if the club’s fortunes are to change.

Rightly or wrongly, the German has been identified as the major reason for the club’s current predicament and failure. Ozil will probably admit to having a dreadful season, hampered by injuries, colds and sniffles, inconsistencies and the odd benching but it seems that it all depends on whether you are a fan or not.

If you are someone that still believes that his natural talent will shine through given time and understanding, then his place is safe.

If you are one of those that have lost patience and consider him to be an expensive luxury, who ambles around contributing little, then you’ll be looking to push him through the exit door as quickly as possible.

There seems to be no grey area where Ozil is concerned and according to the Express, Arsenal may be able to farm him out on loan deal to Fenebahce.

The story doesn’t seem overly strong and originates from Turkish journalist Fatih Dogan who said:

“Fenerbahce president Ali Koc is working very hard to sign him.”

“For his wages and loan fee, the club are trying to find the sponsors. They are working on it.”

“I think it’s going very well. Right now, I can say the possibility is 50-51% positive.”


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There’s not a lot to suggest that Ozil’s departure is anything more than whispers in the wind, especially with those percentages.

It’s no secret Emery has decided that Ozil is not right for his vision of Arsenal. Offloading the player makes sense but it was never going to be easy, especially on those wages.

The likelihood of all three parties coming to an agreement with all the complexities involved, means it’s 80% unlikely regardless of the efforts of Ali Koc.

Stay Tuned!

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