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Emery Suffers More and More Criticism After Arsenal fans Marvel at the Wizard of Oz

Ozil and Kolasinac, Ozil

He’s been an outcast and a scapegoat. He’s been referred to as a luxury, lazy and useless but the truth is that Arsenal appear to need of Mesut Ozil.

Emery had dispensed with the services of the creative midfielder in an ongoing spat but fate intervened when Granit Xhaka was involved in some unsavoury scenes with fans at the Emirates during the draw with Crystal Palace.

That debacle has now opened the door for Ozil and he took the opportunity to rub Unai Emery’s nose in the gravel and remind fans what they’ve been missing.

Against Liverpool in the EFL cup, Ozil showed genuine quality and creativity, something Arsenal have been short of so far this season. Ozil was involved in all the best moves, orchestrating play, pulling strings and carving out the opportunities with a series of exquisite touches, all complemented by the German’s sublime vision that makes everything impossible possible.

It’s completely frustrating that two devoted, football grownups, can’t do what’s right for Arsenal. It’s annoying that Emery can’t overcome his star phobia and include the midfielder, when he insists on employing lesser mortals and its mystifying why Ozil can’t showcase his talent consistently.

But here’s the thing, after an embarrassing stand off due to Emery’s demands of the player , he now faces the prospect of having to include him to balance the side and get results.

There’s a certain amount of delicious irony about the situation and it could be that both of them are dependent on each other to guarantee their futures, which is more embarrassing for the Spanish coach than his play maker. Could we be about to see the renaissance of one of the finest, yet most inconsistent talents in an Arsenal shirt.


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Ozil at this stage of his club career should he thought of as a legend but the player lost form, passion and desire which ultimately cost him his place.

Perhaps the time out has rekindled that passion and has given him some perspective on his remaining years in the game. I want to believe but we’ve been down this bumpy road before and with all the best will in the world, he has failed to perform so often that its unlikely that he’ll come to the rescue now.

The stage is set and far from being thrown to the Wolves, Emery’s side are actually playing them this weekend in what would appear to be a vital clash for Arsenal’s top 4 chances.

The script has been written and Ozil, who is likely to make the first team has another chance to cement his place. I’d like to see him with Ceballos and watch the pair terrorize their opponents but Wolves aren’t the type to lay down and admire someone else’s work. They will give as much as they get and despite recent results they are a compact, hard working and attractive team.

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