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Arsenal Fans Favour Ozil Departure After Rumours Arise That he Skipped Training Sessions and Matches

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Not a day goes by without a new Ozil story. He’s off in January to one of three new destinations. He’s adamant that he’s not leaving because he’s happy, even though he doesn’t play and the latest, which will surely irk even the biggest Ozil fan.

It’s rumoured that Ozil persuaded coaches to allow him to avoid various sessions under Arsene Wenger. The gossip is intensifying as the battle of wills between Arsenal, Emery and Ozil continue but this new revelation will just add fuel to an already raging fire.

He has never had his career ravaged by injuries, there have been issues but nothing compared to players such as Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere. However there have been some injuries, most notably to his muscles and back, which generally require rest and not too much intervention but there have been other unexplained, flimsy absences that have been termed simply as an ‘illness’.

Fans have long suspected that Ozil may have been playing as and when he wanted under Wenger, but Unai Emery seems rather less inclined to excuse a tickle in the throat or a watery eye.

It’s not entirely known how Ozil exerted influence over the coaches but during Wenger’s last season, the amount of no shows began to increase. It was said at the time that both the German playmaker and Alexis Sanchez seemed to get preferential treatment to other players and that created a rift.

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It was a rift that saw Wenger’s last season in charge unravel and one which saw Arsenal struggle to get points on the board, especially away from home.

Both Ozil and Sanchez were said to have ‘pulled sickies‘ even though they were allowed longer periods of rest after internationals and greater freedom during training sessions.

So why would he fake or make the most of a presumed illness ?

The Sun issued a story in 2018 which said:

“Mesut Ozil decided to fake that he sick after hearing from Unai Emery that he would play in a new position yet he prefers his current role, so he is presumed to have just missed the West Ham United match intentionally because he wasn’t ready to play in the new position which the manager had told him”

Ozil has a reputation for not exerting unnecessary effort and he performs on a match day in the same way that player would in a light training session. Many have criticised his posture, lack of urgency and inability to work within the team, but this accusation has been around since Ozil had pimples and school shorts.

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In February this year fans were starting to question the players honesty and credibility with the Sun quoting supporters:

Sam Maynard tweeted:

“Ozil ill yet again that’s at least 6 times this season getting beyond a joke recently, a waste of wages.”

Another Arsenal fan said:

“Ozil getting ill is no longer news. Normal something. Man’s immune system must be like toilet paper to be ill every time.”

The suggestion that Ozil has opted out of certain matches is nothing new but these fresh allegations add a new dimension to a weary and worn story.

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