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Pogba vs Jose : A Close Look At The Jose’s History Of Dispute With Players And Who’s Likely To Come Out On Top

Pogba Mourinho

After the 3-2 loss away to Brighton, it’s safe to say that United haven’t had the start to the season they’d hoped for. At the center of the whole saga are the reports coming out various media outlets in the UK that Paul Pogba and manager Jose Mourinho aren’t seeing eye to eye.

There appeared to be cracks in their relationship last season when Mourinho dropped Pogba, but this season, things have apparently escalated again after the Leicester result. Shortly after the game, Pogba came out to the media saying, “I can’t say what I want or I will be fined.”.

This statement apparently angered Mourinho, who had just given him the armband, let him have penalty duty, and sang his lavish praises to the media. Pogba had a really poor game against Brighton and his body language clearly stated that he is not happy. We’re just two games into the season and it already seems as though the squad is in turmoil. Players just seem disinterested in playing for Mourinho.


Players being at loggerheads with Mourinho is not a new thing. He famously fell out with Iker Casillas at Real Madrid and Eden Hazard at Chelsea, key factors that eminently led to his departure from both the clubs. Now, history seems to be repeating itself with Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial. I highly doubt the result would be any different from the last two times. But how did things get to this after a brilliant first season?

For this we need to go back to Mourinho’s time at Madrid when Pep’s tiki-taka was ruling Europe. Real and Barcelona had many battles, most of which saw Barcelona come out on top mainly because of Jose’s negative “park the bus” tactics. This created an unrest among the squad, which led to him being shown the door.

His negative tactics coupled with no trophies makes Jose a ticking time bomb. Yet again, history seems to repeating itself, United’s dull defensive football as apposed to their rivals scoring goals for fun makes Pogba question why he signed for United in the first place.

Some would say, “Didn’t United win the Europa League final with 40% possession?”. Pogba seemed quite happy after the win, dancing & smiling. “Didn’t Pogba play defensive football in his four years with Juventus?”. Pogba seemed quite happy to play in that system. The difference between the aforementioned incidents and this one is the lack of trophies.

Pogba won the UEL and the League Cup in his first season with United. He won four Scuedttos with Juventus. You can see where the problems lie. You also can’t entirely blame José for this charade. Pogba and Martial have been hugely inconsistent, add to that a disastrous transfer window and you have a perfect recipe for a disaster of a season.

WHO COMES OUT ON TOP- Paul Pogba Or Jose Mourinho?

Power dynamics have significantly changed since the last season- Pogba has come into this season a World Cup winner. José last won a major trophy in 2015. Pogba has clearly shown with his performances at the World Cup that given a proper system, he is a world beater.

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