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Paul Pogba is the Prima Donna of Modern Football and a Luxury of Epic Proportions

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Paul Pogba has an obvious talent at his disposal, but as is the case with many a modern player, it is generally sparse and only employed when he himself deems it absolutely necessary.

Solskjaer’s claims that Paul Pogba is still an integral part of his squad ring hollow and he looks tired at the mere mention of his name. The Frenchman is one of those characters that is far too difficult to handle and he comes with too much ego and baggage for such a mediocre return on the club’s investment. Better return on investment would have been had the club wagered off this fortune on some real money online slots game to try their luck at seeing some actual profits rather than this.

He often plods about with the enthusiasm of an injured carthorse and rarely contributes much to the cause. He hasn’t done anything of note for what seems an eternity but Solskjaer might not have to endure his petulant and languid ways for too much longer.

Claims that the mediocre players around him have contributed to his poor form and appetite are complete bullshit ! I can’t remember the last time he rolled his sleeves up and dug deep.

Now, it finally appears that United have come to their senses and are willing to ship him out (again). The Old Trafford board have been working on an exit strategy for some time but the figures didn’t match up to their expectations.

Now it appears that Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane is willing to part with £106m plus a player, which is rumoured to be Isco, and if that’s true United should rush the deal through. Ed Woodward should he camped on the lawn outside Zidane’s house with a contract and pen in hand. One wouldn’t blame him for dropping to his knees and fawning for a signature.

Whatever it takes !

There’s enough work to be done at Old Trafford without the continuous hindrance of a pampered player that wants to be praised for simply putting on his boots. In a universe where players are regarded as God’s, this guy is a fraud of biblical proportions.

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Paul Pogba is a World Cup winner who had the benefit of being surrounded by much better players and who subsequently felt enough heat to perform to a higher standard. During that competition he looked like the player he thinks he is, not the one that has been stealing a living.

I’m not a United fan but it would be the best thing to happen to them since Alexis Sanchez was sent on loan.

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