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Why Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has Become What Alexis Sanchez could never at Arsenal

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Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, our very own short and trendy version of what Usain Bolt dreams to be now in his latter career post retirement. An extremely fast and shrewd footballing idol with an panache for deadly finishing and in the box poaching abilities worthy of accolades.[spacer height=”30px”]

Having Arrived for a Club record fee £56 million from Borussia Dortmund in an extraordinary three way deal, it really hasn’t taken long for our speedster to justify the hefty price on his head in the little time that he has been here. Ofcourse having been primarily signed to score a bucket load of goals for the club you would think that that is all there is required to make the club and fans extremely elated with his arrival. [spacer height=”30px”]

A certain Chilean also had gone on to score 30 + goals in a season last timefor the first time since Robin Van Persie and yet that news had barely lasted a couple of days in the press with tabloids being kept busy by the other shenanigans inside the dressing room, training pitch rifts, tantrums on the field and the utter lack of chemistry and bonding with that Chilean and the dressing room. [spacer height=”30px”]

So goals ain’t all there is to being a player at Arsenal FC, who would have thought eh ? Well examples are the best ways to learn in life specially when that example is the one who are being brought on to replace. Nobody at the club would have any complaints if Pierre Emerick Aubameyang would have just gone on in his life by simply scoring goals and living presumably with the air of a job well done. That was the job, however thats not been the case here at London Colney training ground every week. [spacer height=”30px”]

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From Gelling to his new life in London with his team mates, rekindling his bromance with bff Henrikh Mikhitaryan, going out of his way to help out rival striker Alexandre Lacazette by giving away a hat-trick penalty, Speaking to the media about wanting to play together with two up front and crediting his former foe at Lyon for helping him settle in England, Aubameyang has seemingly gone out of his way to show respect to his teammates knowing that appreciation for your deeds is usually best from of respect. Its how you form a bond, by selflessly helping others out and thats what Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has done here already during his brief time at the club. [spacer height=”30px”]

Its not that easily that unilaterally everyone starts calling you a team player unless you have done something right. Sanchez did a lot of things during his time at the club yet never for a single time did any news article ever call him to be a team player. You reap what you sow and its not that difficult now to realize why Sanchez is so sulky and often found eating alone at United Canteens while remaining aloof and isolated out there. [spacer height=”30px”]

Meanwhile our talisman and messiah Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is busy dressing up as bad boys with his strike partner and former rival Alexandre Lacazette : [spacer height=”30px”]

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Moving on to the evident reason why Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is the exactly player that Arsenal have been crying out for years and yet could never land, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is the most successful Arsenal player in his first seven games league proving why he will very well outscore that sulking Chilean. [spacer height=”30px”]

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Epitomizing what it means it be a penaly box King, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has proved over the years plying his trade at Dortmund, why he the king inside the box with his immaculate and inch perfect finishes with the minimal of touches.[spacer height=”30px”]

The end product to Arsenal fluidic and synchronized build up over the years had always been found wanting for that killer touch to finish it off. Its what Giroud could not provide with his feet, scoring a few but realistically missing a lot more. Its what Ozil had been craving for years and what Mikhitaryan had relished feeding to during his time at Dortmund. [spacer height=”30px”]

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Its almost as if strikers like him can smell the goal with the ball at their feet and know exactly where to stand in the box to receive the ball. Arsenal have a flair and panache for developing the game which fluently results in a player in the box with the ball at his feet. It is in moments like this with a fraction of a second in hand where striker good, better and best can make the difference accordingly and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is the absolute best with the ball at his feet inside the penalty box.[spacer height=”30px”]

Its what Sven knew about him, this is what Arsenal have been crying out for years since the departure of Robin Van Persie and its what Sanchez could never do. Be a part of the team in the movement and then know that that the team will serve you. Sanchez wouldn’t care who get to scores as long as he had a goal to his name. He never knew how to give away your hat-trick penalty to a striking rival returning from an lengthy injury lay off. He did not care to build up their confidence, he could never imagine what a team can do when you are one among eleven not the one.[spacer height=”30px”]

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang will also have that stature inside the team where the players know whom to give the ball to in the final third but then thats because they want to for the team to shine, not because one grumpy player will start waving his arms and throwing off his gloves on the field is someone else in the box receives the ball apart from him. [spacer height=”30px”]

You need to give give give to get back and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has started off by doing just that and probably why the whole team now appreciates and loves his presence inside the dressing room instead of loathing or ignoring the presence of his successor in there. [spacer height=”30px”]

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