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Özil Can’t Play for Arsenal but he can Advertise his new Nike Boots

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Fans of Mesut Ozil have been waiting for a glimpse of their hero since the restart of the Premier League but to date, Arteta hasn’t offered him a single opportunity. He wasn’t on the bench at City and has been an unused substitute due to the same old script about fitness and let’s not forget the standard excuse of a “back problem”.

It seems that the German playmaker’s position is submerged in subterfuge and make-believe as the club continues to treat him like a leper.

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The truth is that according to our inside sources, Ozil is said to have been involved in another disagreement at the training ground which involved another player and eventually Gunners boss Mikel Arteta and due to Arteta’s strict code of conduct, the midfielder has been cast aside until his attitude improves.

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However, regardless of his phantom back issues, Mesut managed to brush off the disappointment of being dumped by boot sponsor Adidas to join the ranks of Nike on a temporary basis. Coincidently, Özil released a picture of himself with his new footwear on Instagram with the tag “rare boots” which I instantly thought should have more aptly been titled “a rare appearance”.

I’d almost forgotten what he looked like and was grateful for a picture in the Express article. It’s all reminiscent of when Salman Rushdie went into hiding after receiving death threats for his book “The Satanic Rights”. Up until that point, I had no idea who he was, but the press issued daily pictures just to show his would-be assassins their target.

So here we are, the boots and their owner still await their first game, could it be against Leicester? Well, if Ozil doesn’t at least play a cameo role, it will at least indicate the size of the rift in the camp and more importantly, the gulf between himself and his affable coach Arteta.

The whole Özil saga has been an unsavoury and unpleasant stain on Arsenal’s history. One in which they offered the player £350,000 a week, only to regret it when he failed to turn an average team into title contenders.


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In a recent article, I said that it would be satisfying to just have one last epic season from him to show his silky touches to full effect but I think, we are in for more of the same. Standoffs and showdowns, arguments, and benchings, all of which have overshadowed a sublime talent that has morphed into an average and inconsistent player.

I’m actually hoping that someone plucks him out of his Arsenal hell and that the world gets to see a couple of seasons where he is appreciated and allowed to thrive. His attention should be on his game, not his commercial distractions, and his desire to eventually make his M10 branded boots. Let’s hope that they aren’t allowed to gather dust on a shelf like his career.

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