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Pochettino‘s Claims and Definition of Success are Laughable in the Eyes of Arsenal Fans

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What success ? Asked former Arsenal forward Paul Merson. This was in reply to Jeff Sterlings reference to Sky Sports’ interview with Pochettino and Spurs’ habit of falling short in the premiership title race when he asked “Is this the pinnacle of their success ?”

Of course, every Arsenal fan enjoyed Merson’s cutting comment but he was right on his verbal barb. Spurs failed to get close enough to Liverpool or Manchester City and the seasonal implosion carried on season after season.

Spurs reached the Champions League final, got beaten by Liverpool and Mauricio Pochettino lost his job. Months earlier, the Argentine had been linked to the posts at Manchester United and Real Madrid and it may just be coincidence that Spurs started to go off the boil.

Astonishing Pochettino has claimed that his time at Spurs was a success and that their position as football’s bridesmaid was better than winning actual silverware. He told Sky Sports:

“To play in the Champions League for three or four years and finish above Arsenal many times was a great legacy for us,”

Arsenal fans that have experienced winning a trophy are permitted to laugh at this point. He continued:

“To win a title would be a great reward but for us that is the legacy, to have the club and the stadium at Tottenham. That is more than winning titles.”

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It’s not though is it. Pochettino is clearly a half glass full kind of guy with an empty trophy cabinet mentality. No one wants to acknowledge that their best wasn’t good enough and that their considerable efforts were wasted, so if Pochettino wants to dream while awake, that’s up to him.

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