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Episode 16 | “ Get your finger out of my Arsenal ” – Featuring Lee Judges (AFTV) & Actor/Author/broadcaster – Tom Watts

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In the wake of Stan Kroenke’s smash and grab attempt to sign a mega bucks deal for a European Super league, Podcast Episode 16 was subjected to a title change –

“ Get your finger out of my Arsenal”

Was recorded after the announcement of the breakaway top six premiership clubs from the domestic league and charts its collapse.

It’s entirely noticeable as the podcast incorporates the news and changes to meet the biggest story in football.

There’s a report on the expected win at Sheffield United, Isaiah brings his usual quirkiness to the must win Europa league tie against Slavia Prague and Tom and Jay pick out the talking points from the home game with Fulham.

Elsewhere Tom and Dave wonder what a Shakespearean football commentary would be like, there’s the announcement of a YouTube version of the show and the usual fascinating facts, plus Jay reveals his top five English managers of the old first division and premier league in the Gun room.

Lee Judges (AFTV) has a general chat with the Podcast about Arsenal and voices his optimism about the future and the upcoming clash with Unai Emery’s Villarreal and Actor/Author/broadcaster- Tom Watt joins us on the Podcast after the collapse of the proposed super league to discuss the state of the game, the implications for the future and the options.

It’s a packed and busy show that plots the introduction of the ESL and finally its demise.

Lee said “ It was a unique episode for us, the story unfolded as we were recording, in fact the content changed as we went along and another guest (Tom Watt) was added to give extra perspective. It was a week where even the departure of Jose Mourinho wasn’t the biggest news story. He’ll be livid.

Here is the full Episode no 16 of Its an Arsenal Thing Podcast :

An IAAT podcast 2021.

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