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UNBELIEVABLE | Pogba Strikes Gold With A Massive Deal For Being Spectacularly Mediocre After Confirming United Exit

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If we are honest, we’d all like to be paid for playing football, even better, would be being paid to do absolutely nothing. Well, Manchester United’s French midfielder, Paul Pogba, has cleverly combined the two.

In any other profession, a lack of effort or performance would merit disciplinary action and possible dismissal but in football, it appears to be rewarded with millions of pounds.

Pogba is said to be on the verge of a £3.8m loyalty bonus payment and even the term ‘loyalty’ is somewhat erroneous.

Why is he being called loyal when he’s already under contract? How has this loyalty manifested itself and is a basic decency now saleable?

Of course, it’s a loyalty payment in name only, as with numerous payments, they have to be given a suitable name to make them palatable but for me, it simply isn’t.

If Pogba had a grain of decency about it, he’d hand over that money to a good cause to save him the embarrassment of pretending he’s earned it.

It’s tantamount to robbery with a ball, the man has contributed very little to Manchester United’s season and seemed to almost down tools after their Champions league exit.

How he has the temerity to bank the cash is staggering, it’s as close to a fraudulent act as you can get without facing scrutiny and prosecution.

Pogba is still highly rated by some, but he is a luxury United can not afford. Someone, so far removed from the ingrained ethos of the club that may as well be on different planets.

United are about desire, passion, pride and work rate. Pogba is about Pogba.

If I were Ole Gunner Solskjaer and a fawning Zidane offered good money for the player, he’d be gone by teatime. Such is his insignificance to the side that finding a replacement who could do more wouldn’t be a problem, although it’s hard to think of one that could do less.

The United side under Jose Mourinho was fashioned with so called superstars and perhaps, Mourinho wanted his own brand of Galácticos and although he spent heavily, the players he assembled weren’t even close to being Madrid’s best side but they could have mirrored their worst.

Pogba is your archetypal modern player, with a lifestyle that exceeds his talent and in 20 years time.

Will anyone be fool enough to say he was one of the greatest in the game? No of course not.

Laughingly Pogba bemoaned his price tag and blamed it for how his performances are seen. He said:

“You expect more because of the price tag. A good game becomes a normal game, a top game will be a good game.”

He added rather self-indulgent fashion:

“Since I was a kid I play like this. It’s not a problem when we win. Only when we lose or if I have a bad performance it becomes a problem.

“I am still the Paul I used to be as a kid.”

“I grow, I become taller, but I am the same person who follows his dream.”

“People will love me like that. People will hate me like that.”


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Well, I think that’s complete bollocks! He is said to be one of the best midfielders in the world and he is highly rated by Zinedine Zidane, who said:

“He brings so much and there are few players who bring as much as he does”


“He’s a midfielder who knows how to defend and how to attack,”

Yes, he was sober before you ask, but it would seem ‘Zid’ can’t find any fault in the player, so if he’s that good, place a bid.

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