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Are Manchester United Actually Worse off If Pogba Decides To Move On In The Summer Or Is The Right Thing To Do ?

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The recent confessions of Jose Mourinho regarding Paul Pogba are no great surprise.

Alex Ferguson dispensed with the Frenchman because of reported attitude problems but Mourinho felt he could mould the player to his liking. That worked out well.

It was a game of folly and a clash of egos that saw the end of the Mourinho era and asked subtle questions about player power.

Emery experienced the super star mentality at PSG and hasn’t exactly been a fan since. It’s alleged Emery tired of the club’s constant fawning over Neymar and to a degree United could be accused of the same.

The results weren’t great, the managers handling of the standoff with Pogba was embarrassing but when the player is inadvertently chosen over the manager then there’s something fundamentally going wrong.

It may actually have been different if Mourinho had been slightly less self absorbed, often appearing to suggest that he was on a par with the stature of the club.

It may have gone in his favour had he been less controversial about the effort or lack of effort of his players, which he played out in public for everyone to hear.

The fact was Pogba played when he wanted and under Mourinho and that wasn’t often, it was clear one had to go and that was the ‘special one’

The arrival of Ole Gunner Solskjær made an immediate difference, with Pogba deciding to play to his potential instead of within it but he remains a difficult character and it might be reasonable to suggest that United cut their losses.

Solskjaer needs creativity in the middle but he also needs grafters and Pogba has a tendency to be a little work shy.
He enjoys the glory but not the sweat that it entails, so perhaps it’s worth selling him on to Real Madrid and Zidane, who makes no secret of his admiration for the highly paid slacker.

You may gather that I’m not a fan and for good reason. Mesut Ozil has come in for some fierce criticism for his general contribution at Arsenal by the fans, pundits and the media alike but Pogba seems to fly under the radar.

Some of his appearances in a United shirt have been shocking. He has appeared disinterested and demotivated and not just under Mourinho.

He’s another one of these players that thinks one good game in ten outings is a decent return.


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In short, the guy just plods around, occasionally reaching top gear but for periods he is largely anonymous and content to make up the numbers.

United need more from someone of his quality and more often. He should be making a noticeable difference against teams like Wolves, no disrespect to them or does he just turn it on for World cups and Champions league games when the stakes are high ?

Pogba is going to be a challenge to manage and to get the best out of, it appears easier to sell him on and get someone who shares the work load as well as the glory.

It’s likely that the transfer madness will continue in the case of Pogba and United could easily get more than the £93.3m they paid Juventus for his services.

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