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Your Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding NFL football Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Are you a football fan living in America or any other place in the world? Then you could not have missed the name of Super Bowl. The NFL Football Super Bowl, being held annually since 1967, is the biggest sporting event in the USA and each year the game seems to be getting bigger and better with an increasing popularity and viewership worldwide.

Today, almost 100 million fans in the US alone watch this match. It enjoys an equally good viewership among the football fans all across the globe. Read further to uncover the complete aspects of the Super Bowl.

Mark Your Calendar:

If you have missed out on this year’s game and do not want to repeat the same mistake next season, then it might be better for you to mark your calendar right away. The Super Bowl 54 was played in the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens on 2 Feb 2020. This is the 6th time that Miami Gardens has hosted the annual game.

The Teams:

Naturally, such a prestigious championship can be played by none other than the champions themselves. So on one side, the winners of the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship, while the opposition team being the American Football Conference Champions (AFC). The winner takes home the prestigious Vince Lombardi trophy.

This year, the Super Bowl was played between the San Francisco 49ers (NFC winner) and the Kansas City Chiefs (AFC winner), with Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl 54.

Watch it on Television:

For those fans who are unable to witness the action live, the entire match is broadcasted on television by three main broadcast television rights holder of the NFL – Fox, CBS and NBC, with the networks rotating exclusive coverage of the game on an annual basis. To add to the excitement, top reporters and commentators are roped in for covering the second most watched annual sporting event worldwide.

The Fox Broadcasting Company screened the 2020 Super Bowl, with Veteran sportscaster Joe Buck being the play-by-play announcer accompanied by three times champ – Troy Aikman. An interesting choice of sideline reporters were present as well including Erin Andrews, Kristina Pink and Chris Myers.

The Action Time:

It is an action packed annual game extending for three hours and forty five minutes. This duration not just includes the 4 fifteen minute quarters, but also the half time extravaganza, the replays and the advertisements.

This year, famous artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were present to thrill the audience during half-time. No wonder, it is co-produced by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Company. The entire game is televised in a total of 180 countries around the globe.

Highest Number of Super Bowl Rings:

The highest number of Super Bowl rings is held by Tom Brady, winning all six of the championships with the New England Patriots. His name also tops the charts in terms of the most Super Bowl Appearances so far (9), along with a record four Super Bowl MVP Awards. No wonder why he is taken to be the all-round champion of the game.

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