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Aaron Ramsey Needs To Sign A New Contract Or Else Simply Leave

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It’s time for Arsenal to stop being nice, time for them to stop allowing players to drag out contract negotiations in the hope of a better deal or counter offer from another club.

According to sources, Ramsey’s agent has been provided with two improved deals to extend his contract which , he or his agent have declined.

Having seen all the hubbub that followed Sanchez and Ozil’s renegotiations, this provides an opportunity to tell everyone that enough is enough.

I rate Ramsey and with Cazorla and Wilshere elsewhere, it’s almost crucial that he is retained but if Arsenal have tried to do a deal twice and the player is still unhappy, let him go.

The Ramsey camp want financial parity with the likes of Ozil and Aubameyang but let’s remind his agent of the clubs commitment to their client when he suffered a devastating and potentially career ending injury back in 2010.

He didn’t play again for 248 days and even then, Wenger encouraged him to continue his comeback gradually, probably saving his career in the process.

Arsenal have been bitten before with Robin Van Persie, who arguably had one good season before going to Manchester United. He spent more time in physiotherapy than anyone, apart from Abou Diaby, who was so fragile that if you shook him by the hand he had to go into traction for a month.

In short Ramsey has missed around 113 games in his time at Arsenal, a shade under three seasons in the premiership ON FULL PAY !!!

So, while I appreciate that football is a relatively short career, I would expect players and agents to set the value to reflect the support of their club during difficult times.

There is no such thing as loyalty in football, that much is abundantly clear, even Arsene Wenger was sacked in the most appalling and disrespectful way imaginable with everyone knowing. Emery needs to show his colours and not be held to ransom, if he wants to go, let him.

Former Arsenal players have a habit of moving elsewhere and failing quite often.

They say that the grass may be greener on the other-side but it may not be as solid.

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