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Is Aaron Ramsey Putting Himself On Shop Window With His Recent Performances As Many Believe Him To Be ?

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We Arsenal fans are a fickle bunch and sometimes, the opinions we cast are slightly unusual, even odd. A good example is the recent hubbub regarding the excellent performances of Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal, in his last season before joining Juventus.

Social media has been awash with negative comments which leave me slightly baffled. There seems to be a section of Arsenal fans declaring that the reason he is playing so well is ‘for himself’ or another even dafter conclusion, was that he was ‘putting himself in the shop window.’

Now, we all know that Aaron Ramsey has already signed a contract with Juventus but apparently, the shop window reference was ‘to get in the first team.’

Is it me or does that make no sense at all. He will be on £400,000 a week, so surely, Juventus have some intention of playing him next season and as often as possible I would have thought or is this another Ozil situation ?

It all smacks of sour grapes about a departure that wasn’t even of his choosing. Remember that Arsenal withdrew the offer, Ramsey didn’t refuse it.

So, after securing a deal at his new club, he could have just gone through the motions and not made any contribution. Thankfully, he did the opposite but imagine the feedback if he had just eased the season out.

Still on the subject of his good form, another supporter said ‘He’s doing the business now he’s going but he didn’t give a shit before !’

Ah, of course, that’s the answer. Ramsey is sticking two fingers up to the club and it’s supporters by playing well and having an impact on the season.

I can’t imagine there’s anyone that doesn’t think Ramsey isn’t having a good season, his best for sometime, yet that seems to be annoying some sections, as if he’s been holding out on them in previous years.

Wake up people, he’s not doing it out of spite and you should be happy that he is actually delivering at a time that must be emotionally demanding.

The temptation for about 70% of the population would be to simply go through the gears and take the money. Instead, he has been the consummate professional.

Inside, he must be frustrated that Arsenal have bummed him off. That they offered him a contract and retracted it just as quickly for no apparent reason. After 11 years of service, no one at the time could be bothered to tell him why.

He must also be annoyed that all his efforts are being perceived as an exercise in self promotion for his next club, which is complete and utter bollocks.

Once the decision was announced, few of us knew what to make of the news that he was leaving, it was completely unexpected.

The irony is that he played more when he is going than when he was staying. Football is very complicated on occasions.

Ramsey has given Arsenal great service and provided some exceptional moments such as this season’s goal against Fulham, surely a contender for goal of the season.

His goal against Spurs at Wembley was beautifully dispatched and Arsenal could always rely on his ability to score important cup goals, especially in the FA cup.


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More recently, his goal against Newcastle ensured Arsenal leapfrogged Spurs in the premier league. How much more does he have to do to prove himself, even when he doesn’t really have to.

I hope Arsenal celebrate his career in style and say goodbye in a decent, honest and classy way.

They failed to conduct the contract negotiations in this way, so perhaps they can make amends at the end of his career in North London.

Let’s hope the fans can also show some appreciation for the highest scoring midfielder in their history.

Stay Tuned!

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