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Raul Sanllehi and Josh Kroenke Fail the test as They Refuse to Genuinely Reinforce Arsenal’s Weak Spots

Sanllehi, Josh Kroenke, Arsenal

I’ve been patiently waiting for signs that Arsenal’s new and improved, collection of head honchos are different from the likes of Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke. 

The summer of 2019 was something of a surprise, with a handful of unexpected additions which lead to every supporter having a skip in their step but if life teaches us anything, it’s that the sight of “one swallow does not a summer make” – Aristotle. 

Fast forward to the tail end of 2019 and Arsenal has managed to lose one head coach and have gained the popular first choice from the previous series of interviews. 

Not only that, the team’s form has nose-dived and a top-four finish now looks as likely as winning the lottery without buying a ticket. Presently Liverpool and Manchester City are the odds on favorites to win the league with odds @5/2 and 8/13 respectively. Traditional title contenders like Chelsea and Arsenal if you can call them that, have odds of around 750/1 and 1000/1 respectively and that completely tells you how the title race has been a two sided affair literally for most of the season. Tottenham meanwhile with odds of 66/1 are placed more favourably by bookies globally despite not winning a single trophy since 2008. 

Furthermore, Manchester City and Liverpool are being considered as all but official in terms of finishing in the top four with odds of 1/80 and 1/10 respectively. Down the table, other contenders like Chelsea and Manchester United are also being favored very highly with respective odds of 10/11 and 11/10. Arsenal meanwhile are a distant sixth with bookies casting looming shadows over their top-four chances with odds of 6/4. Check out the complete list of UK betting sites with the best odds, tips, and predictions for more. 

Barring all that, worse still was the defensive predicament which saw Bellerin out until recently, Tierney out for up to three months and Holding out of commission with a serious knee injury for an eternity of sorts. 

Saliba meanwhile remains on loan, in the worst deal known to man and Chambers won’t take part again this season. 

Mustafi is possibly out for a spell and Luiz and Sokratis have been suspended from duty for certain misdemeanors. so this naturally meant additions were required in defense.

But it didn’t, did it? Sanllehi has sat on his hands, Kroenke junior has sat on the checkbook and Edu and Arteta have been left to make up suitable and plausible excuses to deflect attention from the usual suspects. 

It’s embarrassing, it’s shameful, it’s the usual story.

The transfer of Pablo Marí from Brazilian club Flamingo was thought to be close to a conclusion initially for the insignificant sum of £7.5m but at the last moment, Arsenal pleaded poverty and reverted to a loan agreement.

Poverty? The club has signed a £300m sponsorship deal with Adidas.

The club is valued at $2.3bn and is a hugely successful brand with millions of devoted followers all over the globe. 

Yet, it can’t offset the sale of an outgoing player against one incoming to the tune of £7.5m or structure a payment pyramid. Come on !!!!

It doesn’t bode well for Arsenal’s transfer business in the summer and the acquisition of Dayot Upamecano, who will cost around £60m. Forget that dreamers!

Arsenal need defensive cover and have done so for more years than I can remember.

That’s why Arsenal are playing in the Europa League and not the champions league.

That is why that are 37 points behind champions-elect, Liverpool and have conceded 19 more goals scoring 2 less than they’ve let in.


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Now I don’t know about you but in terms of justifying a transfer, the evidence is quite compelling.

It’s not an unnecessary expense by any means, nor is it a whim, it’s an unequivocal necessity and a priority.

As I had feared, Raul Sanllehi nothing but a shorter, hairier and wider version of the tightwad known as Ivan Gazidis and Josh Kroenke has confirmed the lack of interest in Arsenal football club which was originally established by his father. 

Right now, in real-time, any business Arsenal had planned should have been concluded but this Machiavellian opera has been allowed to continue by those meant to be in charge. 

Last summer’s transfer activity was refreshing, compared to the usual last-minute frenzy buys of yesteryear but as we speak, the hands of Arsenal are floating over the panic button. 

Signing a second grade defender in Cedric Soares, for whom Southampton where themselves shocked to receive an offer and then a certain Flamemgo defender that Arsenal themselves where not sure enough of to front up a buy out offer.

What a shambles! One foot forward and nine back, it’s all so Arsenal.

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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