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The rudderless ship that is going down without a fight

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It’s sometimes easier for fans to assess the situation of their club than those in charge of it. The current plight of Arsenal is starting to see the beginnings of another savage backlash against the owners and the board members including Edu. The shit-storm caused by the loss at home to Burnley has angered a great many supporters, but it’s not necessarily the results that have caused a toxic mood and unparalleled resentment.

The performances posing as entertainment have been awful and uninspiring. Thank god crowds have been banned from attending because you wouldn’t want to pay good money to be bored to the soles of your boots. Yet, with things as bad as they are, there was hope in the pairing of Arteta and Edu but that blind faith appears to have been dashed by the technical director’s suggestion that Arsenal won’t be investing much in January.

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This is a suicidal strategy and it will only add to increasing frustrations simmering around the Emirates. Edu is one of ours, when he joined, we thought we were in good hands but now he’s got his feet under the table, he seems less so. He’s obviously working from the script left behind by Gazidis and Sanllehi as he attempts to puncture the balloons of expectation for the forthcoming winter transfer window.

Dave from the ‘It’s an Arsenal thing podcast‘, whom no one actually hears but is full of chatter and misguided opinions off the air stated:

“Arsenal are going to get worse with the Bing Bong brothers (Edu and Arteta) and the Krankies (Kroenke’s) in charge!”

Unusually, it struck a chord, is this another stage in the club’s history where we have the wrong people in charge from top to bottom? Kroenke, Gazidis, Emery, Sanllehi, Edu, and now Arteta?

If Arsenal can’t see that they need to spend, they are either stupid, incompetent, blind, or a combination of all three. Resistance to buying is futile if the club wants to be competitive, draw in sponsors, attract the crowds, and win trophies. To be fair, the fans have never been entirely sure of the club’s ambitions and priorities since Kroenke took full ownership of Arsenal and this recent statement from Edu is either one of two things.

The first is that he is declaring a disinterest in the transfer market to allow the club to operate freely and without attracting attention. The second is that the club actually has no intention of investing until the summer. Perhaps, you can work it out from what Edu said when asked if Arsenal are looking to buy in January.

“We don’t talk about something external,”

“We are here to solve the problem. We have the team, we have the squad, we have the manager, we have the staff, everyone in the right place to change it.”

“Why (do) people have to expect a magician to go ‘boom! Come here, Messi! Boom!’? No. It depends on us.”

“People might start to ask: ‘what are you going to do in the winter window?’ Of course, we will try to do something but we have the responsibility to change it. Don’t wait for someone outside to come inside and be a magician because that’s not going to happen.”

“Or if you can sign 20 players – which we’re not going to do – but that’s not going to work anyway. So the main problem, the main thing for me, is that we, as a club, have to understand our problem. Here. That’s it. Believe, because we believe. I believe.”


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Not exactly rousing and yet again, Arsenal have misjudged the mood of their fans, and instead of pouring more cold water on their hopes, they could have said nothing but that’s not very Arsenal!

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