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The Rising Cost Of Remaining In The Premier League

Premier League

With just weeks to go , a spending explosion is gathering pace in the premier league. Those that are genuine contenders for the title are bolstering their ranks but for others , it’s about surviving and remaining in the Worlds most prestigious league.[spacer height=”30px”]

Liverpool have shelled out £65 million on Brazilian shot stopper Allison and other arrivals are reaching double figures across the board but let’s just pause for a moment to consider how far this cash extravaganza can go before the bubble bursts and we see the administrators drafted in for the Premier League.[spacer height=”30px”]

It’s true that the rewards of simply staying in the premier league are vast but the money that is made available to the less glamorous clubs , tends to fly out of the coffers just as quickly to ensure they remain with the elite. Unai Emery has been quite astute with his recent purchases of five players at a combined cost of just over £71 million.[spacer height=”30px”]

Yet , if we compare that to others looking to reinforce their current squads. Liverpool’s new addition between the sticks is £6 million short of Arsenal’s entire spend. Brighton have spent under £40 million and are involved in a series of loan deals, whilst Newcastle have only spent a paltry £11 million so far.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Not only is the gap increasing between the clubs in terms of their ability to challenge for honours but financially the gulf is huge. Managers have to rely on loans and creative shopping strategies to secure their position. If we look at Liverpool again , just as a bench mark , they also spent £75 million of defender Virgil van Dijk, added to Allison’s fee, that’s £140 million.[spacer height=”30px”]

Burnley have only €65.3 million in five years , which is around £58 million , the difference here is that Burney have managed to avoid over stretching because of the undeniable wizardry of Sean Dyche. Dyche understands that money won’t solve all his problems and that old fashioned togetherness and a desire to achieve, will go a long way to keeping his side at the top end of the Premier league.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Everton managed to get through £201 million for the 2017/18 season and ended up being bounced out of every competition and facing relegation until Sam Allardyce applied the breaks. Now appears that they may have to clear the decks and start again to feed their impossible desire to challenge for a top four position in the Premier League.[spacer height=”30px”]

It would seem , even if a club has a rich sugar daddy , money may not equate to success. There has to be a realistic outlook to go with the piles of cash but Everton , in particular , seem oblivious to that fact. I suppose It won’t be that long before we see the first £250 million transfer and I remember looking at an article where Brian Clough ,the manager of Nottingham Forest , purchased Trevor Francis for £1 million in 1979 , which caused uproar.[spacer height=”30px”]

The media said Francis had a ‘good right foot ‘ to which Clough replied that for a million pound he better have a good left foot as well. I can’t wait to see how Fulham , Wolves and Cardiff cope in the top flight and hope all three survive their first season but the competition is fierce and they simply can’t match the top six clubs for cash injections in the Premier League.[spacer height=”30px”]

They may well look at Bournemouth , Brighton , Huddersfield and Burnley for inspiration and the recipes to holding on to that top spot in the Premier League.[spacer height=”30px”]

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