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Another Attempt at Putting On A Brave Face As Alexis Sanchez Denies Doing A Big Oopsie By Leaving Arsenal

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Alexis Sanchez, the former star man for Arsenal who managed to exhilarate with a haul of 80 goals in 166 games left the Emirates under a cloud.

His petulant ways has exhausted the clubs, managers and players patience in the last 12 months of his stay and it was almost impossible to make him an offer to stay because his behaviour had started to have a negative impact on the squad.

Pep Guardiola verbally agreed a transfer with the striker but you sensed at the time that the transfer might become something of a saga as both Managers of City and United went head to head for the signature but Guardiola refused to be held to ransom which left Mourinho in pole position.

It’s said that although transfer involved two of Wenger’s most despised rivals, United and Mourinho, Arsenal tried to push the move through PDQ because things had become so toxic between the club and Sanchez.

To all intense and purposes United had just pulled off the transfer of the season by securing a proven goal scorer and entertainer. It just didn’t work out for the club or player. In fact it was worse than one could ever imagine, with Sanchez scored just 2 goals in 27 appearances and starting a disappointing 31 games out of a possible 77.

Mourinho had star players that seemed incapable of complimenting each other or performing in the same side and Sanchez was the epitome of United’s decline under the special one.

Solskjær followed the opinionated Portuguese manager but even the smiling Norwegian couldn’t extract the necessary star quality and in the end, Solskjær gave up and agreed to the player’s loan to Inter Milan.

“I’m very happy I went to Manchester United,I’ve always said that. It’s the club that’s won the most in England.”

Sanchez told BBC Sport. He added,

“When I went to Arsenal it was fantastic – I was happy there – but United were growing at the time, they were buying players to win something.”

Really ? He probably said the same about City before United increased the offer.

Sanchez finished by saying,

“I wanted to join them and win everything. I don’t regret going there.”

This all sounds complete nonsense, with Sanchez performing like a striker from a local pub team. It’s an unfortunate period that has seen one of the biggest clubs in the World admit that he isn’t worth what they pay him.

Sanchez may be trying to put a brave face on it but I doubt the United board or supporters see the situation the same way.

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