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News On Sir Alex & Transfer Window: Arsenal Chase Bailey, United After Mina And Witsel

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With the summer transfer window coming to a close, you can bet things are starting to heat up with rumors abound, and lots of under the table dealings and over the table call-outs that make for juicy entertainment that is just as good as the games themselves.

Moreover, the transfer window for the Premier League teams will end on 9th August midnight before the 2018-19 season kicks off. Therefore, PL teams are the busiest just before the closure of the summer transfer window.

Well Fed

The nice thing about being a football fan and living in the instant information exchange era is that you can always be well fed with any kind of information you need. Thanks to all the great sites out there that offer live football scores. This is a great feature because hardcore fans do not have to miss a single second of the action. You can even use this feature to watch multiple live matches at once, giving yourself a smorgasbord of different feeds to choose from.

Transfer Heat:

There are a lot of big moves happening in the football verse right now, ones that will determine the outcome of the games and tours to come in the 2018-19 season. One of the most astonishing news that has surfaced recently, is the rumor that the Arsenal is chasing Bayer Leverkusen winger Leon Bailey. The 40 million valued winger has Chelsea interested as well. So, you can bet that there is likely to be a bidding war in the future for Bailey, as both teams are hoping to get their hands on this young talent.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out, as there are so many possible outcomes. Arsenal could likely afford a bigger big, but Chelsea could raise the price so much that the club isn’t interested anymore and they simply go with a more economic pick. 

This could leave Chelsea open to scoop up Bailey, or they could both just become disinterested and Bailey’s future would become uncertain once again. There is plenty of speculation in circulation as of late, but one thing is certain, things are certainly heating up as this summer comes to a close.

Meanwhile, Manchester United has reportedly agreed the deal to sign Barcelona defender Yerry Mina. The Colombian defender was absolutely top class during the FIFA World Cup 2018 for his country. Another rumour in circulation is that United show interest in Axel Witel as reported by the Bild. So, Manchester United is also upping a gear as the transfer window approaches it’s end as Jose Mourinho has handed Ed Woodard a transfer shortlist that the boss wants in his squad.

Speaking Out

In some inspiring news coming out of the football world, Sir Alex Ferguson has spoke out after a life-saving surgery. Many were anxious in anticipation when they heard that Ferguson was going to make an appearance to speak, and they were not disappointed. This is the first time he has taken the public stage since he had surgery on a brain haemorrhage. After collapsing suddenly, Ferguson was rushed in for emergency surgery, and miraculously pulled through.

Despite being in intensive care for several days after the surgery, hope has returned to many Ferguson fans, as he seemed as sharp as ever. He gave a heartfelt thank you to friends, family, and the medical staff that helped make his survival possible.

The football world is a buzz with lots of great news, so be sure to keep your ear to the ground so you don’t miss anything good.

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