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Revealing Sky Sports Footage Shows Incredible Rift Between Paul Pogba And Jose Mourinho

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Who knows what’s going on between Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and midfielder Paul Pogba, but whatever it is, it looks serious. The United boss has has reportedly fallen out with his player on occasion. Likewise the player has been irritated by the ‘Special One’ but of late, things seemed to have blossomed between the pair.

This spat is allegedly over Pogba’s remarks about his team’s performance in the recent home draw with Wolves, where he simply said United should ‘ attack, attack, attack’. So, he was merely stating the obvious then, as a passionate and disappointed ‘second’ captain, but it appears that Mourinho is the only one allowed to speak for the team and certainly the most qualified at an honesty and integrity level. He is surely then, the only one with the ability to dissect his teams poor showing.

Sarcasm is alive and well in this blog!

It’s another example of Mourinho losing the plot with the talented Frenchman and shows a distinct undercurrent of unrest. Sanchez is still off the boil and Mourinho has laboured to find a way to incorporate the Chilean and recent World Cup winner in the same side.

Performances have been slightly ponderous this season and far from the standards, we all associate with such a huge club. Yet, instead of building bridges, Mourinho seems intent in setting fire to them.

If this is truly is the reason for Sky’s footage of the pair glaring and ignoring each other at training, then common sense has taken the first available plane out of the Country. Mourinho’s priority remains catching bitter rivals Liverpool and neighbours City, not falling out with a player that possesses the talent to help him chase them both down this season.

Let’s say for one moment that Mourinho has a point and that Pogba overstepped the mark. A simple word in his ear, outlining his indiscretion would have been suffice to get the wagon rolling again.

This is the mystery of Mourinho, a man who could win a raffle and still complain about his good fortune. A man notoriously hard to please at the best of times and an individual who mistakenly thinks he is equal to the stature of the club.

We will know the scale of this recent spat in due course. He’s already been removed as ‘second captain’ which is a curious position indeed, but if Pogba spends time on the bench unnecessarily, then even Mourinho’s vigorous denials of a rift, will have the feint smell of the stuff they find littered around a prize bull in a field. Mourinho must be the most emotionally inconsistent man in football but we’ve seen evidence of this before. The vulgar treatment of his physiotherapist at Chelsea, which was televised, was a low point, even for him.

Yet, he fails to learn from these incidents, seemingly impervious to courtesy and divorced from compromise. He’s a stranger to the intricacies of man management and oblivious to the knock on effects of his stupidity.

Manchester United need Pogba if this season isn’t going to end up the same as the last. You don’t see the Queen chucking away a crown because one of the jewels is in need of a polish.

If Pogba departs, Mourinho is as big a fool as Conte at Chelsea for his treatment of Diego Costa. If Costa had stayed, Conte would have been challenging for the premiership title again but he wasn’t prepared to forgive and forget. Perhaps his garden was desperately sort of olive branches, whatever it was, it ended Chelsea’s hopes and Conte’s Chelsea career.

I’ve said as far back as January this year that United will tire of this type of shenanigans and eventually, Mourinho will be moved on, regardless of the cost.
Sir Alex Ferguson looks in good shape again, perhaps he could fill in for six months. If he did, they’d probably win the league.

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