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Solskjaer To Get Sacked From United Head Coach’s Job Next Season As Predicted By Fans

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the fans favourite to be the first manager sacked next season.

You suspect that the Premier League fixtures haven’t been kind when fans take to social media to declare that Ole Gunner Solskjaer will be sacked next season. Even more uncharitable was the general consensus that he’d be gone by Christmas.

It’s not an exact science though because some were claiming he’d be on his bike by October, whilst others favoured November.

With the transfer window hardly begun and without a single ball being kicked in anger, Joe blogs has decided the Norwegian cherub will be out on his ear before the season is concluded.

Solskjaer has a gargantuan task on his hands which involves selling off elements of a dysfunctional squad in his first full season in charge, but surely United aren’t about to pull the rug out from under him regardless of next season’s results.

Well according to fans, Chelsea on the first day isn’t the kindest opening fixture he could have wished for, but the perceived trouble starts in December with clashes against Spurs and Manchester City, followed by a series of unpredictable outcomes against Everton, Newcastle, Watford and Burnley.

Social media is a deeply judgemental and unforgiving place and comments included:

“Bye Bye Ole.”

“Solskjaer getting sacked in November.”

Another sounded rather chirpy and one suspects he wasn’t a United fan either.

“Im waiting till xmas till ole gets the sack deeeeeeluded utd fans give the job to phil neville”

This happens every season and it’s usually the media who meet up in a dark, dank cellar somewhere to determine who is the most likely candidate to get the sack.

The fans have had to widen their gaze because Sarri is on his way out of Chelsea by inconveniently deciding to leave, so it was inevitable that Solskjaer had to feature on the bin list at some point.

The fact is that United will see the appointment as a long term venture and will provide support, money and patience in abundance.

I’m not so sure Solskjaer is the solution for Manchester United, but he will be allowed a certain degree of latitude in the coming two seasons unless they end up in a relegation fight. Other than that United will hang in there.

To be honest with you, I couldn’t quite see what was wrong with the fixture list. The big matches appeared to be evenly spaced and it’s not like they faced all their major rivals in the space of five weeks.

Apart from Spurs and City in December, who then reverse their order for March, it seemed reasonably kind.

It’s just a case of vultures sitting pretty in the heat waiting for their beast/feast to wilt and with the pressure of expectation, perhaps it’s fair to assume that the Norwegian will be in the top three.

Yet, he will be joined as usual by the newly promoted managers, the usual relegation suspects and of course, Unai Emery.


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Football has become such a cynical sport but, there are exceptions to the rule such as Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe and Burnley’s Sean Dyche, who carry on regardless.

No doubt about it, United will have mixed fortunes but Chelsea are facing a two year transfer ban and will have to rely on youth, Arsenal will have to do similarly due to ongoing financial struggles. Spurs will struggle to make it count again, Manchester City will have to replace their older squad members, leaving only Liverpool, who at present are in a good position.

In other words, it’s still up for grabs and had the teams beneath the top two been more consistent it wouldn’t have been the two horse race it ended up.

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