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With Fate Conspiring Against him, Solskjaer Could be Gone by as Early as December as Results Start to go Sour

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Having examined hours of endless footage of Manchester United’s season, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ole Gunner Solskjaer will probably not be the manager at Old Trafford by the end of November.

Results will have to improve dramatically to keep him in the hot seat, with upcoming games against Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and City.

There are also potential banana skins against Norwich, Bournemouth, Brighton and Aston Villa and even the most devoted fan wouldn’t bet against an upset against one or more of those teams.

It’s not his fault. Fate has conspired against Solskjaer and his cause was lost when United failed to recruit a top quality striker.

The tide is beginning to turn and football is not the place for a nice, honest man with good intentions and despite the backing from some supporters and the United board, the team will not be allowed to be drawn into a relegation dogfight.

As the premier league gets underway after the international break, it’s starting to dawn on fans that the road ahead may need a new driver.

If results go against Solskjaer in the coming weeks, he could well be taking an unplanned rest by the time they face rivals Manchester City in early December.

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The board will be only too aware that once the team heads into the new year, that it may be harder to rescue the situation.

The action will be hard and fast, once the plight of the side is decided over those crucial weeks and Solskjaer’s future won’t depend on the return of various injured players to his ranks because they simply aren’t good enough.

It’s football, so things can turn around but at present, with what Solskjaer has, it would take an act from God himself to keep this team on track and establish them back in the top four.

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