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Verdict Out ! What To Make Of Denis Suarez’s Loan Spell At Arsenal

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Go to a shop, buy an appliance, perhaps a new fridge freezer or oven. Pay good money for it, cash of course.

Then accept delivery, put it in pride of place but don’t remove the packaging or plug it in.

This is what Arsenal have done with Denis Suarez. They’ve bought something they didn’t really need and can’t use.

Not to mention that it was the only transfer that they entered into during the January transfer window.

Weeks were wasted trying to establish a loan deal with a player that had to extend his contract before he arrived at the Emirates.

The deal was on and off about three times but was finally concluded when Arsenal caved in to the demands.

Since then Suarez has played a full 90 minutes in a shameless attempt to gain sponsorship in the UAE and about 80 minutes in a handful of games where no one could assess his potential.

Now, his agent, Felix Guende is talking to the press about the midfielders predicament and injury.

Injury ? Hold on, how did he get that ?

Certainly not from playing for Arsenal but Guende revealed

“At the moment, he’s injured. He has muscle fatigue and an injury. We’re awaiting the results from the exams.”

Muscle fatigue ? What’s has he been doing ? Riding a rhinoceros down the M25 whilst playing keepie uppie ?

He added :

“He has two years left at Barcelona. This year in England hasn’t been his best. He’s played little and hasn’t been able to find a rhythm.”

No shit !

Arsenal fans are currently distracted by the chase for a 4th place finish, a Champions league slot and winning the Europa league but they will soon wake up and look at the Suarez situation before deciding it’s yet another Arsenal cock up.

How are people allowed to get away with it ? I blame Emery to a degree, he wanted him and won’t play him but more importantly, o blame those that negotiated and sanctioned this mess.

£2 million pounds for 170 minutes work equates roughly to £11,764.70 per minute.

For £2m you could get a detached Victorian house in London which has six bedrooms, a garden and a cellar, just off Clapham Common. You could own six Mclaren 720S, fluffy dice excluded or you could hire Marco Silva to manage your pub team for 75% of a season.

Alright the first two then but the Suarez fiasco is maddening and puzzling in equal measure.

Pundit Julien Laurens said : 

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] “ On paper he looked like a good signing, it’s a loan, let’s see what he can do in England. It turns out even at training maybe Emery has seen that he was not good enough to give him more game time. So I think this one obviously is not going to go any further.” [/perfectpullquote]

But Emery knows the player, if he was as shit as that, why bother in the first place.

Whatever the problem, traditionally known as ‘Källström syndrome’ I don’t suppose we will see him in an Arsenal shirt again or perhaps they are using him in some other capacity to get value for their money.

Coach driver or groundsman ?

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