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The Surprise At The Nitto ATP Finals 2018

Nitto ATP Finals, Alexander Zverev

The busy tennis season of 2018 came to its logical conclusion, and its final chord was the Nitto ATP Finals tournament, which ended in mid-November. Eight best athletes of the sport participated in the men’s singles this year.

Prior to that, a similar tournament was held among women, in which the Ukrainian athlete, Elina Svitolina, won quite unexpectedly. This was another proof of how unstable everything is now in this category. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been that much sensations in men’s category throughout the year.

Although, the final tournament definitely surprised the fans. The Nitto ATP Finals saw Alexander Zverev go against Novak Djokovic in the finale of the tournament. The German athlete was the Nitto ATP Finals favorite, as he literally bloomed this season and regained his excellent form.

Zverev demonstrated phenomenal tennis in 2018, thanks to which he was able to return to the world’s elite. The German youngster has been a constant feature in the top 5 throughout this year.

And at the crucial moment Zverev was stronger than his opponent, Novak Djokovic, thanks to which he was able to win the Nitto ATP Finals title.

Alexander Zverev, Nitto ATP Finals
Image Obtained Via The Week

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The Next Tennis Sensations:

Despite the fact that only the experienced tennis players have won the Grand Slam series competitions in 2018, Zverev’s Nitto ATP Finals triumph can thrust the beginning of a new trend. The German is the youngest winner of the Nitto ATP Finals tournament over the past 10 years.

In the coming year, the influence of more young tennis players will increase, few of whom we can also name as follows:

We’ll see what they can achieve next season and whether they will be able to displace the former kings of tennis from their thrones, since many of them are already over 30. In order to become a true tennis expert and never really miss any of the important and significant events, you should always visit the website of sports statistics, where information is updated in real time and is always 100% true.

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