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Remembering Geordie Armstrong: The Underrated Assassin on the Wing with 621 Arsenal Appearances but no National Full cap

George Armstrong

George ‘Geordie’ Armstrong was every inch the modern-day winger. Born in Hebburn in Newcastle in 1944, George Armstrong made his debut for the Gunners at the tender age of 17, making a total of 621 appearances, which was a record at the time of his departure in 1977. Blessed with a hunger and

Former players Join Ranks to Criticise Arsenal and Their coach and its About Time Somebody Talked Sense

Unai Emery, Arsenal

It’s bad enough when results are not going your way. The fans are restless and every decision is scrutinized from every angle but when the press and media sense trouble, it intensifies to almost unmanageable levels. Who’d be a football manager ? The same has happened with Arsenal and their