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Why Arsenal Need to Steer Clear Despite Reports Indicating £40m Rated Striker’s Willingness in Making a Move

Tammy Abraham, Arsenal, Chelsea

The press continued to link an assortment of names but one name Arsenal fans weren’t expecting was that of Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham. When I came across this story, I originally dismissed it rather quickly but Arsenal and Chelsea have a history with several players hopping across London, generally from Chelsea to Arsenal and I don’t think anyone can dispute that those deals have heavily favoured Chelsea.

Abraham, Arsenal, Chelsea
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Crumbs! Where do you want to start with the dreadful deals Arsenal have managed to do with their London rivals. Arsenal sold the Blues Ashley Cole and Olivier Giroud which proved to be excellent deals, but the Gunners haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory in the opposite direction with Chelsea managing to offload players that were well past their best such as Cech and Luiz.

Let’s not exclude the misfiring and completely disappointing Willian, who is up there on the worst Arsenal buys list. Where would he come in a top-five? A top three at least and if things don’t improve this season, assuming he stays, he could be pushing Cygan, Mustafi for the top slot.

The Gunners, along with Chelsea and Tottenham are all taking part in a mini preseason tournament called the Mind Series beginning this weekend with an Arsenal vs Chelsea clash, which could be specially interesting because of the Tammy Abraham links.

Despite the vast contrast in fortunes since Arsenal’s last significant win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final, bookies globally are offering comparable odds on both teams getting the better of each other, along with offering some exciting new forms of utilising the odds like in-play Asian handicap. However, its all about what happens in the Premier League which is where Arsenal really need to redeem themselves after their disastrous season last time around.

Buying another Chelsea cast off who is being jettisoned off to us to make way for better alternatives hardly seems like something a competing club should even be considering, ie if we can still consider us to be a competition for a champions league winning team.

So let’s have no more talk of any Chelsea players arriving in North London, let’s shut the door and nail it shut. Anyway, why would Arsenal want another striker? The club are indeed looking to sell Lacazette whom I would personally keep but even with that in mind, the Gunners still have Aubameyang, Martinelli and Balogun.

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We can also include Eddie Nketiah if Edu can’t find a buyer which would see Arsenal rather lopsided in attack and anyway, it’s not like Abraham has set the PL alight, he’s been okay, looked promising for Chelsea but nothing special.

Am I missing something? Let’s just close the door on it now as a transfer story or is there really a grain of truth in it? I’ve just scared myself.

Stay tuned to know more about Arsenal.

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