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Things to Do After Your Examsnap Cisco 200-301 CCNA Certification Exam

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If you are interested in this topic, you’re likely going through one of two things: you just passed your Cisco 200-301 accreditation exam, or you’re trying to chart your course for your career in the networking field before taking the test mentioned above.

Suppose you fall in the first category, congratulations on passing your official exam! Here you can find enough recommendations for yourself. And if you’re in the second category, you’re up for an exciting ride on your Cisco qualification journey.

In more detail, Cisco CCNA Exam certifies your skills related to network automation and programmability, security fundamentals, IP services and connectivity, network access, and network fundamentals. Thus, in getting the Cisco certificate of the associate level, you would have proven to your employers and customers that you’re resilient and ready to proffer networking solutions as well as solve problems that may arise.

But, the journey doesn’t end with this Examsnap CCNA certification. And below, you’ll discover three things you can do after getting it.

  1. Keep the momentum going!

The main goal of getting the Cisco accreditation is for career development. Once you’ve succeeded at 200-301 exam, you should go straight to your next step. For most people, this is the next certification after ExamSnap 200-301 CCNA, which is the professional-level CCNP.

Going right ahead to Examsnap CCNP will save you some time and energy because the basic ideas covered by Examsnap CCNA will remain fresh in your mind. However, keep in mind that the CCNP certification pathway consists of several narrower areas. You will thus be able to obtain professional-level qualifications in domains such as security, data center, collaboration, enterprise, and service provider. Each of these certifications requires the candidate to take a core exam and one concentration test of his or her choice.

Additionally, acquiring more certifications will give you a greater choice in a career way. And, even if you’re excellent at your job, achieving more certificates puts you in a safer place, job security-wise.

  1. Stay within your certification community

While preparing for your Examsnap 200-301 test, you would have joined one or two CCNA-focused communities. These active candidate associations will always keep you on your feet where it concerns your training process or details of obtaining the qualification.

Another advantage of staying within your community after passing your final exam is that you’ll get up-to-date information about networking career opportunities and connected certifications.

  1. Take a break!

Yes, you have just been recommended to keep up the momentum and go straight to the next level, but certification exams are not a walk in the park. And it’s important to understand when to get your foot off the pedal and release some of the career pressure to preserve your mental health.

So, if the demands of passing your 200-301 exam have made you mentally exhausted, allow yourself a break from the accreditation process to prevent any mental burnout. It will be counterproductive to jump right into preparing for another certificate under those circumstances.

Meanwhile, you may use this time to study present and future trends in your community. You may want to try out another area of specialization, thereby expanding your career options.


Passing your Examsnap Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam is a thing of immense pride. After acquiring the appropriate certification, you can immediately charge after another Cisco accreditation, stay within your community for more updates or take a break enjoying the resulting perks. Take the given piece of advice, and you’ll be sure to advance your career in networking.

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