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Score 777 – Your Ticket to the World of Sports Results

Gary Neville, Bailly, Lindelof, Jose Mourinho

Its difficult to over emphasise the importance of timely data in the modern world. With the website of the sports statistics, youll always be one step ahead and get the relevant information.

The presented information will let you easily navigate in the world of your favourite sports. Obviously, the most popular kind of sport is football, as interesting football matches are regularly held in all corners of the world.

With score 777, you can follow these matches in live mode. The National League South, which presents striking confrontations for rating up, has recently become very popular with the users. Despite this, you can find here the results of matches and elite divisions of championships held all over the world.

Main Intrigues of the Season

The most popular league is traditionally the EPL. This is primarily because a lot of strong teams compete for the title at the same time:

  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United;
  • Liverpool;
  • Arsenal;
  • Manchester City;
  • Tottenham.

Under conditions of stiff competition, the rivals wont enter not only the top three champions, but also the Champions League. This is primarily prestige and then additional financial flows to the team. Of course, the competition becomes only stiffer under such conditions.

At this stage, the obvious candidate for missing the next season of the Champions League is Manchester United. The team of Jose Mourinho is quite unstable and alternates successful matches with frank failures sometimes even at one match. The clear example is the match against Newcastle. The Red Devils lost with a score of 0:2 until the break but in the end turned the tide of the game and won with a scoreline of 3-2 to the Devils. Fans have long expected exactly such striking results from Mourinhos team but an obvious lack of determination and a lack of the leader in the team affect it significantly.

Its still difficult to predict who from other favourites of the English Premier League wont gain its ticket to the Champions League, as the closeness in the tournament table guarantees an open and intriguing game. You can always learn about the final results on our website that presents the relevant information in live mode.

Amiya Saha
Avid follower of Manchester United FC. Have blind faith on the Red Devils at any point. Waiting to see Manchester United bring back the Ferguson era. Has a dream to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford live.

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