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Topics & Skills for Microsoft MS-100 Exam and Why You Need Practice Tests If You Wish to Master Them


An exam outline acts as a map that directs you in the way you should proceed when preparing for tests. Also, it is an instructive tool that provides the standards on what will happen during the final assessment. This article prescribes to you the topics for the Microsoft MS-100 exam so that you can understand what to base your preparation on. This test, along with MS-101, is necessary for acquiring a credential called the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert. So, are you curious to know more about MS-100 domains? Let’s get started then!

Areas Measured by MS-100 Test

Since MS-100 objectives contain functions that will be used in assessing your overall progress and performance, diligent studies are unavoidable. Author: ALEX M So, in this case, check out the topics and find quality materials to help you conquer them:

  • Designing and implementing Microsoft 365 services

The skills you’re expected to acquire after studying this MS-100 exam topic include managing domains, planning implementation, and setting up tenancy as well as a subscription for Microsoft 365.

  • Managing user identity and roles

In the MS-100 objective directed at managing identity and roles for users, you should conquer knowledge areas that encompass designing identity strategy. Spring You also need to update yourself on planning identity synchronization with the use of Azure AD Connect.

  • Managing access and authentication

If you wish to be skilled in managing access as well as authentication, then this part is impossible for you to skip. Pass Guaranteed Y The focus tasks there include managing authentication, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication, and configuring application access. Candidates for test MS-100 must also be proficient in implementation tasks that ensure that the workloads for Microsoft 365 are accessible to external users.

  • Planning workloads and apps for Office 365

This is another critical area for the Microsoft MS-100 assessment. It involves planning for deployment for Office 365 workloads as well as its applications.

To add more to the above, each of these domains carries weights that show where the questions will lean on more. But for the purpose of clearing your MS-100, no topic should remain behind. Author: CODY W But why do you think you need practice tests to secure it?

Why You Need Practice Tests to Secure MS-100 Topics?

Actual awareness of your upcoming test can lessen nervousness and help you avoid tension. The Microsoft MS-100 exam contains various objectives provided to gage your learning abilities and readiness for this test. Practice tests are essential when learning the topics as well as when trying to identify the trouble areas. Once you complete a practice session, you ought to review your performance and note where you’ve passed and where you failed. For the areas that you have failed, go back and review them using your textbooks or by watching tutorials that give more advanced knowledge on them. With frequent use of MS-100 practice tests, topic mastery will be possible for you. And besides topic coverage, such tests also save you time since you’ll come into knowledge regarding the distinct ways in which the final assessment is structured. Author: AIDEN N It’s also an excellent way of improving your time management and test-taking abilities.


Exam topics include performance measures that involve mastering challenging material. To comprehend the mentioned Microsoft MS-100 domains effectively, your prep plan should consider throwing in practice tests. Success in your assessment must be purposeful that is why you need ways that help you foster concentration when preparing for it. Remember your goal is to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge!

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