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Emery Calls for Patience but Some Fans Have Seen Enough as Arsenal Stray From Their own Blueprint

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Unai Emery lives in a glass bubble I’m afraid. His calls for patience will fall on deaf ears as Arsenal prepare for a uphill battle for a top four finish in the Premier League after their disappointing 2-0 loss to Leicester City.

The supporters have been reasonably patient but with a series of uninspiring and insipid performances, the faith placed in Emery is gradually draining away.

It would be a whole lot different if fans saw some improvement but there’s precious little of that. In fact, if truth be told, Arsenal have shown signs of regression despite reinforcing in the summer to the tune of £138m.

For all his experience in football, Emery is currently being outshone by virtual novice Frank Lampard at Chelsea, who is in his first season in the top flight and has had no money to spend because of a transfer ban.

In his second season in charge at the Emirates, fans anticipated much better than what they have currently seen and what they feel they are owed.

Emery may be looking for more understanding and time, but the majority of fans have seen enough as the clouds appear to hover over the North London club. They have only managed one win in five premiership fixtures and have looked clueless, often struggling to maintain a lead.

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Emery stopped short of pleading but said:

“I think, for the supporters, they have seen that their team needs more to improve to achieve the best results. I can and I want to say to them: they must have patience.”

He added:

“In some circumstances they did not help us but we are trying to achieve the best emotional balance with the players.”

However he can’t blame the fans for the performances, lack of ambition or determination. That unfortunately falls on the shoulders of the coach.

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The fans have limited input and aren’t responsible for instructions, tactics or the motivation of players. They pay good money to be entertained but that’s not happening. They travel home and away to see their team challenge in all competitions, but the side are well short of meeting even that expectation.

Emery needs to find a team that can be resolute but attacking. He needs to stop rotating immediately and stick to the spine of an Arsenal team that can compete week in and week out. Then the pessimism will disappear and the fans and club can move on.

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