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Is Unai Emery Destined To Fail ? Why Unai Emery Needs To Go Back To The Drawing Board For Arsenal

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This season for Gunners marked the end of a 22 year regime under Arsene Wenger and in his place came the Spaniard Unai Emery. The former PSG boss has signed a four year contract with Arsenal and his signing hasn’t been a silent one forr sure. There have been former home stars doling out some pretty harsh comments. Well, Unai Emery hasn’t been an exactly been an overachiever (yet?) in the games played till now but seems to piss off quite a lot of people.

Let’s take a look at his history for starters. Ignoring the club’s he coached prior to 2013, his time in Sevilla was actually great. He had a great chemistry with Monchi and was a sly fox in his signings. Winning the Europa League thrice consecutively added icing to the cake and abracadabra, Unai Emery was poached by Paris Saint-Germain in 2016.

With a hefty budget and the talent pool of players already available at the French club, the sky was the limit. Them team at PSG during his stint was nothing less than the European team of the season. Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, Silva, Cavani, Zlatan; played under the same colours.

What did Unai Emery achieve with these players? He won the French treble in his last year at PSG and had a very forgettable 6-1 loss to Barcelona. It’s a shame to see such talent being mismanaged. In his presence the rivalry between Cavani and Neymar grew which eventually led them to despise each other for which Unai Emery did very less. Sure, they won the treble but then with such beasts, the question should rather be why didn’t he win the trophy the other year too.

Unai Emery left the club on a high note with the title under his belt and joined Arsenal by narrowly beating Mikel Arteta for the gig. The team wasn’t in the perfect condition when he took over. Mertesacker left the team high and dry, Ozil was in the middle of the Turkish Presidential controversy and the overall team morale was down (they failed to qualify for Champions league and didn’t finish in top four).

There was a lot of pressure on Unai Emery right from the beginning; and to be honest he hasn’t cracked under pressure yet. In press conferences he is optimistic and calm; doesn’t give out any loose statements to hog the media limelight (isn’t it this the hobby of a certain other EPL manager?). So far Unai Emery hasn’t been bowled over by the pressure which is a good thing but isn’t making much of a progress north either but majority of fans have shown patience towards him.

Former Arsenal star, Paul Merson had given up on Emery to win the trophy; rather told him to focus on Europa to qualify for the Champions League next year. Rumors are in the air of a fallout with the fan favourite Ozil. Personally one would hate Unai Emery if his friction with Ozil leads to the German moving into Fenerbahce during the January transfer window. Well, Ozil has kind of been forgotten in the midfield and forward with three players in each. If Unai Emery has his way we may actually end up losing Ozil, a player with one of the best passing skills in world football. Emery would give rise to a new crisis if he neglects Ozil.

To finish it off my verdict for Unai Emery is that he has a lot on his plate and is biting of more than he can chew all the while having his mouth stuffed with a joke defense. It’s too early to judge him now but isn’t in the process of turning the tides of Arsenal this year and that process needs to change a bit especially when it comes to the defensive aspects.

Unai Emery can be blamed partially for neglecting the defensive problems in Islington but definetly cannot be the sole reason for the Gunners’ bad run so far. What we need from Unai Emery is to go back to the drawing board and bring the manager in him who led Sevilla to Europa glory.

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