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Ed Woodward’s Time at United Is Up | This is Why our Chief Executive Needs to Correct his Mistakes Before Time is Up

Ed Woodward

Manchester United and Ed Woodward are trying to find a way to rid themselves of Alexis Sanchez, having grown tired of waiting for a return on their investment.

The Chilean is contracted until 2022 and continues to eat away at the northern club’s finances with his astronomical wages of £32.2m per year, £318,205 per week, £45,457 per day £1,894 per hour, £31.56 per minute, or 52p every second. He also gets an extra £75,000 for every game he plays and an annual £1.1m signing-on fee.

This is surely one of the worst deals in football history and virtually rules out the chance of anyone coming in for the misfiring forward.

Alexis Sanchez has scored just six goals during his spell at United and is just one of the number of ridiculous follies under Jose Mourinho, that have cost United £391.5m and includes £93.3m for Paul Pogba an £75m for Lukaku.

Mourinho, the architect of all this misery walked away with an undeserved gangrenous payment of between £17m – £22m and has probably secured a kiss and tell book deal that shows him in a favourable light.

No doubt, he will be played by George Clooney in the film, with Idris Elba as Paul Pogba and Julio Jung as Alexis Sanchez, which is only hilarious if you look him up.

It’s only now, with United stable under Ole Gunner Solskjaer, that chief executive Ed Woodward can attempt to save his job by cutting the gristle off the steak. Woodward, rather bizarrely, is a former accountant and investment banker, titles that don’t really sit well against this sorry episode in the club’s illustrious history.

Ed Woodward is now on the clock with orders to sort this unholy mess out and to get Manchester United back to winning ways or else. As United faltered in December, it was clear that either the manager or chief executive would have to go.

Woodward narrowly survived, but he is guilty of allowing Mourinho too much artistic license and money in the hope of recapturing the glory days.

It’s the old adage, if in doubt, throw money at it !

It didn’t work. The initial success withered away and a toxic atmosphere enveloped the club, suddenly the gravy train had run out of steam.

It’s slightly bemusing to think that United have allowed themselves to get in this position. Any other club may have gone bankrupt, but they are not Manchester United, who will always generate enough cash to cover up their mistakes and make good on their loses.

Ole and Ed, which sounds like some sort of children’s television show, have lost patience behind the scenes and are apparently ready to sanction a mass cull to rid themselves of the plodders and the leaches.

In theory, there could be a dozen departures across the board including the first team and fringe players, which will go some way to freeing up funds for new players.


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The new dawn under Ole needs to deliver for the sake of the club, himself and Ed Woodward, the chief executive, who is nearer the edge of the cliff than anyone else in this scenario.

It’s still not beyond reason to think that even if things start working as they should for United, that Ed Woodward will have to move on within the next 12 to 18 months

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