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As United Owners Rethink the Entire Summer Rebuild Project, Here are Some of the Likely high Profile Winners and Losers

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I’m going to paint a picture for you and I’m not that sure that it’s that wide off the mark. Manchester United have virtually written off this season and it’s almost a hundred percent certain that they are going to be very busy on a number of fronts including the summer transfer window where they could spend in excess of £200m and a change of manager with Mauricio Pochettino being the most favourable candidate.

It’s also reasonable to expect that United will be making plans to replace Ole Gunner Solskjaer, who resembles a nervous squirrel in his present position as United boss. Further more, it’s not the work of a genius to imagine that he will be replaced by the currently unemployed but raring to go, former Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino.

Pochettino was the first choice for United after the sacking of Jose Mourinho, but United decided at that time not to make inquires. They still remain extremely keen to bring him to Old Trafford for his attractive style of play and commitment to youth.

On paper, it would be a perfect fit because the Argentinian has built teams which are entertaining and competitive. His major failure of course was that he was unable to win a trophy, which was one of the reasons for his dismissal. The other factor was the toxic friction between squad players which undermined his control and destabilised the team.

Pochettino was unable to iron out the problems as internal wrangling saw them fail on both the domestic and European fronts but United would still be willing to bring him in and back him with heavy investment.

Despite the encouraging noises and support for Solskjaer, United can’t afford to spend the next two or three years experimenting with a well meaning novice in charge. Solskjaer is a likeable chap, but he certainly isn’t at a level where United could prevail in Europe. He is hugely inexperienced and for a club like United, it’s like letting a boat enthusiast take the helm of a large passenger ship.

Mauricio Pochettino at least can take them in the direction they want to go with a team that the fans will want to pay to see. Of late, United have struggled since Mourinho’s first season to show any signs of style or durability and there are many that will tell you that this is the worst United team in living memory.

Another thing United may well be considering is a move for Spurs striker Harry Kane who is still on good terms with his former boss. The Old Trafford outfit have a history with England captains in their ranks and the addition of Kane would be top of their list.

Such moves would be a bold statement of intent and would go some distance to ending the unrest that is surrounding the club from its stands. One only has to look over a team selection sheet to realise that there is a massive amount of work to be done after years of shoddy investments in players that are punching way above their weight.


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The main perpetrator in this sorry saga is, of course, Ed Woodward and calls for him to clear his desk are probably six seasons too late. However, the treatment that the executive vice-chairman has received has been nothing short of shameful. Yes, he should go and yes, he has been dreadful but the man is still a human being with a family.

As for United, as a world famous football club, they can’t afford to be struggling outside the top four and I’m guessing they won’t be allowed to for much longer.

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