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Here’s how Manchester United’s Crumbling Relationship With Paul Pogba and Mino Raiola Could Impact on Jessie Lingard

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Not a minute goes by without the mention of Paul Pogba. Why is he’s missing ? How long is he missing for ? and What are his long term plans ?

The mischievous Frenchman, who has tried his level best to engineer an exit from Old Trafford, is now missing because his team of advisors recommended surgery on his injured right ankle.

Not the club ! His advisors !

Paul Pogba is a big enough problem for anyone and I doubt that he would have ever been allowed to use the toilet at Old Trafford, let alone take to the pitch had Alex Ferguson been in-charge, but the fractious situation has now been exacerbated by an agent.

It appears the canny Scot was aware of the baggage that came with Paul Pogba and that he had deemed him too little talent requiring too much effort during his first spell at the club.

Ferguson would have also had an opinion on Pogba’s poisonous agent Mino Raiola, who has literally made Pogba’s position ten times worse by admitting that he wouldn’t recommend a move to Old Trafford to any of his clients.

Purely on the strength of Raiola’s involvement, Ferguson would have shipped Pogba out of the club but in this toxic game of ‘who’s bigger’ it may have a substantial impact on Jessie Lingard, who has inexplicably signed up with Pogba’s agent.

Once Solskjaer goes, and he almost certainly will, the club may revert to a disciplinarian, who will clash head on with Paul Pogba and Mino Raiola, if he’s still there.

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The club, slightly embarrassed by admitting that the player appears to consider himself bigger and more important than Manchester United by taking the advice of his entourage and not that if his employers, will want to stop any involvement with Raiola.

Who can blame them !

Despite all the pussy footing around, Solskjaer’s attempts at diplomacy and the fluffy approach to the problem, someone just needs to say ….Pogba needs to go !

For the sake of United, who are being held to ransom by this erratic poser, masquerading as a world class player, he needs to be moved on as quickly as possible.

Lingard’s contract expires in June 2021 and United will probably enter into negotiations when the current campaign ends, but what are the chances of those discussions going smoothly ?

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It’s unlikely isn’t it, with the bad feeling between the club and the player’s bombastic agent. Lingard is another cappuccino player for me, all froth and no substance and if he thought that linking up with Pogba’s representative would increase his profile, it’s had quite a reverse effect.

In my opinion, United can afford to let Lingard go and probably will, given who represents him. As for Paul Pogba, it’s time we all moved on.

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