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Uruguay Vs Portugal: Five Things To Speculate As We Witness The End Of An Era

Uruguay vs Portugal clash, Uruguay vs Portugal predicted line ups

It was a disaster waiting to happen. Portugal’s attack has been faulty throughout this tournament except for Cristiano Ronaldo, truth be said and they haven’t managed to score more than once in any of the World-Cup games barring the 3-3 draw against Spain in their opening match. Same was the case for the Uruguay Vs Portugal match.

Added to the fact that Uruguay boast of an air-tight defense and it was clear that Uruguay just needed to showcase some technicality and did just that as Ronaldo and his band of European Champions are evicted from this tournament. Uruguay passed on to the Quarter-finals after beating Portugal 2-1 in their Round Of 16 match.

After the Uruguay Vs Portugal match, the Seleção das Quinas followed Argentina as they were defeated 4-3 by France and Spain, beaten 4-3 by hosts Russia on penalties out of the World Cup.

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Here are 5 interesting things to look back on from the Uruguay Vs Portugal clash:

1. Lucas Torreira Is The Real Deal

Have you ever seen a 5ft 6inches tall player out-mark one of the greatest players of your generation? Yes. Infact Kante did it against Messi in the Argentina-France match which took place just before the Uruguay Vs Portugal clash but for Lucas Torreira to repeat the feat against the physical specimen like Ronaldo deserves perhaps an even greater applause.

Torreira was also the fulcrum of most of the attacking plays the South Americans made in the Round Of 16 match against Portugal. The Sampdoria midfielder is a real deal and that is why Arsenal are after the young talent.

2. Uruguay Finally Breached

The solid defensive unit that functioned so well till now, with Godin, Gimenez in the centrel defense and Muslera behind the Atletico Madrid defenders finally let one in…in their 4th game running in the Uruguay Vs Portugal game.

Still, the goal technically came from a set piece so they are yet to concede from open play. It will be interesting to see how they handle Kylian Mbappe and Co in the Quarter-finals.

3. Signs Of Sportsmanship From Ronaldo

Now this one is a bit debatable, but it was a picture-worthy moment when Ronaldo, despite trailing Uruguay with 20 minutes to go, decided to help Cavani get up and provided support as he limped off to the touchlines, having injured his calf after a Man Of The Match display in the Uruguay Vs Portugal game.

Some say that he did this only so that the play could get on without any further time wastage and it was adamant, but his expression was more of condolence and to show sympathy when your entire legacy and empire is crumbling right before your eyes (all due to the very man you are now helping) is something praiseworthy.

4. Suarez-Cavani Duo Is Too Hot To Handle

If the former doesn’t get you, the latter will. Suarez has assisted 12 of Cavani’s 45 international goals; such is their interlinking and coordination. If it was built and hyped as Ronaldo vs Suarez in the beginning, Edinson Cavani ensured that he would grab all the headlines in the end, with a sumptuous finish to cap off a clinical night for him.

Also, his industry in defense and professionalism shows what an asset he is for Uruguay, who hope that he is able to return in time and add to his 3 goals this time around.

5. Ballon d’Or Race Still Wide Open

Ronaldo slipped up a major opportunity to cement his 6th Ballon d’Or and his GOAT status as he failed to score or guide Portugal to the Quarter Finals in the Uruguay Vs Portugal game having seen Lionel Messi slip up earlier in the day vs France. This also effectively means that this is perhaps the last time you will ever see the two megastars grace a World Cup since they will be 37 and 35 by the time the first ball is kicked in Qatar.

Also, Portugal and Argentina added their names alongside Germany and Spain as high profile exits this time around as underdogs continue to have the tournament of their life. Don’t be surprised to see a team being crowned champions for the first time.

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