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READ: Why Usmanov Must Not Sell His Arsenal Shares To Kroenke At Any Cost

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Arsenal fans’ worst nightmare might be about to turn true as Stan Kroenke now has the potential to add a massive chunk of the club’s stake to his own in light of this recent news about Alisher Usmanov.[spacer height=”30px”]

Recently, there have been speculations that Alisher Usmanov, who holds the second most share of Arsenal Football Club, has finally resigned himself to the sale of his stake in Arsenal football club. The Times indicate that the Russian has lost patience and now wants to sell in order to reinvest that money in a rival club. If true, it could have a massive impact on the Gunners.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Firstly, Usmanov is the only person preventing the Stan Kroenke from full ownership and total control. If he were to give up his share, Kroenke would own 97.13% of the club which would then allow him to purchase the remaining shares, making it a privately owned club.[spacer height=”30px”]

Is that such a bad thing? Most certainly, yes.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]If this scenario were to play out, Arsenal would have lost a potential major investor and will have to rely on the American and his finances. And although Usmanov hasn’t made a financial contribution, apart from the purchase of his shares, he has stated that he would happily do so. In a tit for tat move, in 2017, Usmanov offered to buy Kroenke out, which lead to a counter offer from the American.[spacer height=”30px”]

A fragile truce exists between the pair but consider this, Usmanov’s money will certainly help another club to emerge from the shadows of the top five and that club could be Everton. Then consider that Usmanov is an Arsenal fan, it’s not just about profit and loss, he wants success.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Kroenke’s motivation is slightly harder to fathom. He is rarely seen at the Emirates, preferring to monitor his American business ventures, which hardly endears him to the fans. He has been in charge of a period of unparalleled chaos and has appeared happy with mediocrity, showing no desire to take the club forward.[spacer height=”30px”]

Kroenke once spoke to the Express on his involvement with the premier league club.[spacer height=”30px”]

“If you want to win championships then you would never get involved,” he said.[spacer height=”30px”]

“I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit.[spacer height=”30px”]

“If you don’t have a good business then you can’t really afford to go out and get the best players unless you just want to rely on other sources of income.”[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Kroenke, it would seem, believes that stability and consistency are as important, if not more important than winning trophies. Most fans have openly expressed their concerns that Arsenal would be at the mercy of a man who has no affinity to their club, one which seems more concerned in keeping the coffers full.[spacer height=”30px”]

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[spacer height=”30px”]Although Usmanov plays no active role in the running of the club and is prevented from assuming a role on the board, the majority of supporters have faith in the Russian businessman and trust his motives. Usmanov must be incredibly frustrated, that having invested astronomical figures, he is not perceived as good enough for a position in the boardroom and on that point alone, who could argue with him wanting to sell and that lack of credibility, limits his selling options?[spacer height=”30px”]

However, let’s not forget that Usmanov is a fiercely determined businessman and the thought of him selling out, seems out of character. Being convinced that the battle for the club will start again is fairly easy and in the event Arsenal fail to reclaim a place in the top four of the Premiership elite, the pressure on Emery, Kroenke and Gazidis will be tangible and fans may lobby hard to get Kroenke out.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]This time, former boss Arsene Wenger isn’t there to take the flack and although one wouldn’t want Arsenal to fail this season, Usmanov would be more than a curiously interested spectator with more than a vested interest.[spacer height=”30px”]

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