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Man Utd Defender Set To Depart Following Bust-up With Mourinho

Valencia Man United

As the world gears up for New Year’s eve, nervous excitement is at an all-time high as the dawn of transfers sets upon us. This year’s nothing different, with Antonio Valencia featuring as the main star.

While connoisseurs sit around the table to pick the best candidate to fill their void, there would be a huge gaping hole left behind in the Red Devils’ squad.

Valencia is reported to be set to leave the club after a rather silly fallout with José Mourinho.

This will surely hurt millions of United fans hoping for a quick revamp in the mid-season transfer window. According to Daily Mail, several Spanish as well as English clubs including West Ham are already on course to sign the United captain.

The Ecuadorian has been warming the benches since September this year after liking an Instagram post calling for Mourinho to be sacked. This led to increased tensions between the two, eventually leaving the right-back stranded on the benches for a major part of this season.

Along with a decent stint at the international level which saw him lead his side as well, Valencia has been a consistent performer for United as well, being the longest-serving player in the club’s history with a whopping 337 appearances, and also one of the torchbearers in their victorious league campaign in 2012-13.

Earlier this year, Valencia was found guilty of liking an Instagram post by a fan page “teamvalencia25” calling for Mourinho to be sacked, which is believed to be the reason of the fallout between the veterans.

The message from teamvalencia25 had read: “I’m not even surprised by the outcome of this game. I always look forward to our games but recently Mourinho has made watching us a punishment now. Something needs to change. It’s time for Mourinho to go.”

Valencia Man Utd

After this happened, Valencia also took to Twitter and apologized for such action, citing that he didn’t actually read the caption that came along.

But it seemed like the ship had already sailed. He was continuously kept out and only brought into the XI when the Devils were hit with a string of injury concerns.

However, when he was questioned about his bond with Mourinho lately, being the “good boy” that he is, Valencia seemed pretty alien to any kind differences with the Portuguese coach, and was also significantly supportive of his manager.

“I have never had any problems with anyone, thanks be to God!”

When asked about being dropped against West Ham, Valencia added.

“The decision is up to the manager and you’ve got to respect it. I can say that in the dressing room, the guys are calm and everyone is working hard every day with the right attitude. 

“People are saying things because we’ve not necessarily got results, but everything is good, there’s not a problem. Everything will calm down when we get some wins. We are 100 percent behind the manager.”

Although, when the United boss was asked about Valencia’s sudden absence in the team, he responded by saying,

“The reason was that he was 10 days without training with a problem.”

Mourinho said at his pre-match press conference,

“Not an injury but a problem that he had a very complicated surgery on his mouth. And 10 days without training needed a little bit of time to recover some level after that.”

It was only on late Thursday evening that  reports went out that the 33-year-old has finally realised that his differences with the manager don’t seem to find any conclusion. This has led to a decision to leave the club early before his 4-year contract expires in 2019.

Though Valencia will be there on the sheet against Liverpool courtesy some key injuries, on a long note this has pushed United further downhill.

It will be time before the pundits take over and look at the potential replacements but for now, It’s time for the fans all over to witness yet another ugly farewell of a player, not so flamboyant, but effective in his own rights.

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A passionate writer with strong views and love for the game.

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