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Suggested Arsene Wenger Return to Arsenal Is All Bit Baffling To Take

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Arsene Wenger announces that Arsenal has made an approach for his return to the club where he served as Manager and head honcho for a staggering 22 years.

His amazing and successful reign ended when the board were left with no other option than to sack him. It wasn’t announced, it wouldn’t be, this is Arsenal football club.

Arsenal are steeped in history as much as secrecy, so a story of this magnitude would never be made available for public consumption but the dismissal was absolutely crucial because the Frenchman was unable to halt the decline.

Since then, Unai Emery has started to dismantle a dysfunctional side that had seen better days and after a solid transfer window, it appears the dark clouds over the Emirates are lifting. It’s going to take a while but the shape of the club seems more defined, more proactive and structured.

Emery doesn’t have the control of a dominatrix and his focus and purpose are purely for football matters. The Express revealed that Wenger had been involved in talks regarding a return to the club he helped build but he felt it was too early.

As always the details in Wenger world, as with Arsenal were sketchy and the club made no comment. Come back as what exactly ? That’s the number one question that springs to mind.

Where does someone go from his previous position, unless it’s as some form of sugary and pointless Ambassador that wanders the globe reminiscing about the old days and handing out bags of goodwill.

Wenger said,

“I have been in touch with some people at the club but I felt when you go like that you cannot be half in, half out, It’s still a bit early, maybe, to go back. I haven’t been back at the club.”

Surely a glory role with no real purpose would not be something Wenger would be interested in. He was one of the last big hitters and along with Alex Ferguson they dominated both their clubs and the premier league.

They had absolute control and nothing was agreed without their say so. Wenger without power would be like watching a tiger through glass. A sad affair that would ultimately be an unedifying spectacle, something not befitting of the legend that he became.

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Even the Ambassador role given to Ferguson sticks in the throat because of the memory of the Scot barking his orders from the touchline as he made United a force in World football.

My advice, stay clear Arsene – ne pas chercher quelque chose qui n’est plus là.

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