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Sir Arsene Wenger: An honorary knighthood Why not

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It seems that knighthoods are handed out either randomly or on the odd occasion to the slightly more deserving. Sir Alex Ferguson’s was totally understandable and no surprise, being the most successful manager this island has ever produced and it would take someone tainted by bias to deny him that honour. However, I think it’s time that the knighthood broke with tradition to recognise the achievements of Arsene Wenger to this country’s most popular sport.

Without Wenger, Ferguson arguably wouldn’t have pushed his teams quite as hard to achieve such glittering success because Wenger fired up the Scot in a period of unprecedented rivalry which drew the very best out of both men and their sides.

Wenger was instrumental in changing the game from the pie and pint culture and introduced a top-to-bottom revolution of the North London club and its methods which ultimately impacted the Premier League and the game itself.

The clashes between Arsenal and United became epic and classic encounters with both managers at centre stage. The pair would often engage in mind games and verbal exchanges whilst seeking the advantage by any means necessary.


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You could argue that like Batman without the Joker or Superman without Lex Luther, neither would be complete in football history without the other, but Wenger deserves recognition for improving the Premier League in this country and taking the game to new heights with his Scottish counterpart.

Some will cite his nationality to refute knighthood, but if there’s anyone other than Ferguson that has taken football to the dizzying levels that we enjoy today, then it’s Wenger. Even Lenny Henry has a knighthood for services to charity and for his so-called comic talent….mmm that says it all.

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