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Why Arsenal Are Genuine Title Contenders this Season


The English Premier League is half-way to being finished. So far, the teams have played 18 matches (some even 19). And already, fans, experts, and analysts have a good understanding of who is going to take home the trophy. Of course, there are multiple teams in the running.

A Look at the Top Contenders

Manchester United recently moved up from rank 5 to rank 4, and considering the team’s history of success, it wouldn’t be surprising if they just kept going until they reach the first spot. Newcastle has been doing a good job this season as well, having won 10 of the matches in which they competed, landing them the third rank.

However, for most punters, the EPL title lies between Manchester City and Arsenal. Manchester City have won 12 matches, tied in 3 and lost 3. With that kind of track record, they currently sit at the 2nd spot, with the Gunners holding the top.

Arsenal’s Chances

Arsenal’s chances for taking the title are not just a long shot. At this point, they are a probability. Most online sportsbooks have already decided that the Gunners are the odds-on favourites to win the Premier League.

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With that said, Arsenal is definitely the favorite to win the title at most of these online sportsbooks, and land-based bookies alike. As we have said, they’ve only lost one match throughout this entire first half of the Premier League. So, the Gunners are certainly having a great season.

Arsenal’s Track Record

In terms of their success in the 2022/23 season, Arsenal have been doing fantastically, as we’ve already established. But we thought we would take a deeper look into their track record and see just how well they’ve done. In this final section, we will briefly go over their wins/losses/draws, to ensure that they remain on the right track.


As we said, Arsenal had to only contend with one loss this season. It happened on September 4, more than 4 months ago. The Gunners went up against Man Utd. and lost with a score of 3 – 1. Certainly, a devastating loss, but understandable, as they were competing against one of England’s top tier teams. Since then, Arsenal has not taken a single loss in the tournament.


The Gunners tied twice. Once in October, playing against Southampton. During said match, each team scored a single goal, and left it at that. The next tie was much more recent. In fact, it only happened two weeks ago, during their match against Newcastle, where neither team scored a goal.


The rest of the season has been nothing but victories. Most prominently, Arsenal just recently beat Tottenham, 0 – 2. They’ve also defeated Chelsea, Liverpool, Brentford, and Brighton. So, as you can see, their shot at the title is not just a dream.

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