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Three Reasons Why Thierry Henry is the Greatest Arsenal Player of all Time

Thierry Henry, Arsenal

We are all aware that Arsenal has churned out some truly unbelievable players over the years. Although each is subject to his or her own opinion, the majority of experts believe that Thierry Henry is the best that Arsenal has ever had to offer.

What traits and talents enabled this player to possess what can only be called godlike skills while on the pitch? Let us take a quick look at why Henry will certainly rank as one of the most formidable players that ever donned the Arsenal jersey.

The Power of Opinion:

It is somewhat interesting to note that Thierry Henry is only 42-years-old. Thus, he is a relative newcomer when compared to Arsenal players associated with the early part of the 20th century. This is why it is even more impressive that more than 250,000 people voted him as the best Overseas Player in the Premier League of all time. Some of these voters included well-respected names including Alan Smith, Chris Sutton, and Alan Shearer.

Thierry Henry
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This brings us to an important question. Why do many analysts and fans alike consider Thierry Henry to represent the best that Arsenal has ever had to offer? While there is no doubt that he was able to display a second-to-none level of elegance and physical prowess on the pitch, greatness involves much more than aesthetics alone. Much like knowing how to play blackjack requires more than luck, ascending to the level that Thierry Henry has achieved involves an innate talent that cannot be taught traditionally.

All About The Goals:

To be certainly clear, Thierry’s performances were categorised as moderate (at best), when he played for Barcelona. At Arsenal (1999-2007), the Frenchman was an absolute beast, a terror for opposition defences. To put it simply, Thierry Henry is the most prolific goal scorer that has ever played for Arsenal, maybe in the Premier League.

This is not just an observation, but a fact. Out of 369 games, he scored an incredible 226 times. As if this wasn’t an impressive feat in itself, the forward went five consecutive seasons scoring 30 or more goals. Only the likes of Messi and Ronaldo can match such stellar figures.


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A Humble Personality:

Greatness is not only measured by statistics, it also has to do with the mentality of the player in question. Once again, Henry leads the pack in this respect. Such is his humbleness that time and time again, he has expressed his gratitude for having been granted the opportunity to play for Arsenal over the years. This was evidently seen in 2011 when Arsenal unveiled a statue in his likeness, Henry was moved to tears.

These are some of the reasons why Thierry Henry is considered to be the best player who has ever worn an Arsenal jersey. However, we need to keep in mind that an entirely new generation of individuals is now on the pitch. We, therefore, have to wonder what Arsenal has in store for the future.

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