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Revealed : Some of the Greatest and Historic Upsets in the History of the World Cup

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How often have we seen lower ranked teams defeat numero uno teams in the World Cup.[spacer height=”30px”]

Occasionally We have witnessed quite a few teams on their day doing the impossible over the other. A fight between David and Goliath.[spacer height=”30px”]

Given the world cup stage is where the best of the world compete for all its glory, its prone to some unexpected but gigantic upsets where a first timer has run riot over a veteran national team and that is in what the Beauty and charm of the World cup lies in, its unpredictability. [spacer height=”30px”]

1.Cameron down Argentina[spacer height=”30px”]

The emergence of African Football has been tremendous in the past two decades. With most of the players playing in the top leagues around Europe, it has definitely led to their emergence as a footballing talent pool. It was the Cameroon side of the 1990 world cup which showed first signs of emergence.[spacer height=”30px”]

Nobody would have given Cameron a chance given that they were facing the defending champions Argentina. But Cameron showed great spirit and eventually won the match 1-0 with the tiniest of margin despite being down to 9 men. They surprisingly came first in their group beating Romainia while losing to the Soviet Union.[spacer height=”30px”]

Image result for cameroon vs argentina 1990 world cup full match

In the Last 16, they Defeated Colombia 2-1 with all goals coming in added extra time.[spacer height=”30px”]

Roger Milla was the star who scored both the goals. However, Cameron lost to England in the quarterfinals bringing an end to their dream run. One of the best runs in the World Cup by an African Nation.[spacer height=”30px”]

Battle of Nuremburg : Portugal vs Netherlands the Blood studded affair with 4 Red Cards and 16 Yellow

[spacer height=”30px”]2.South Korean surprise for Italy and Spain.[spacer height=”30px”]

This was the first time that football moved to Asian shores. With a combined bid from South Korea and Japan canceling out Mexico both the teams had a lot on display for the footballing world and their fans alike.[spacer height=”30px”]

Both the teams topped their respective groups. Japan defeated Russia and Tunisia and drew with Belgium. South Korea defeated Poland and Portugal and drew with the USA. Quite an achievement in itself for the two sea faring tiny nations. [spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]South Korea faced Italy in the Last 16. It would have been a walk through win for Italy on any day.[spacer height=”30px”]

But South Korean Team was courageous and gritty enough to define all odds and had other ideas. They cancelled out the early lead in the 88 minute. Before sealing the victory through a golden goal from Jung-Hawan.[spacer height=”30px”]

Italy were at the losing side of one of the greatest world cup upset in the history but there was more to come yet from the Koreans.[spacer height=”30px”]

In the Quarterfinals they faced Spain which was even more dramtic with two goals from spain disallowed and the game heading into Penalties. South Korean players in a desperate bid held their nerves converted all the 5 chances as Spain lost 3-5 and scripted history in the process. Eventually after knocking our two greats of the game, the south Korean Juggernaut was stopped by the Germans handing a 1-0 defeat to the Koreans.[spacer height=”30px”]

They finished Fourth after losing to Turkey in the Third place match. This has been the best performance by an Asian team in any World cup and it still is[spacer height=”30px”]

Japan faced a challenging Turkey in the next round and lost 1-0. Turkey went on to defeat Senegal in the Quarterfinals etching themselves a mention in history. But a loss against Brazil meant they finished third, A very remarkable achievement all in all. [spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]3.Senegal march past France.[spacer height=”30px”]

The 2002 World cup was the season of first comers. Group A had France, Uruguay and Denmark along with Senegal. Many considered it a battle between France and Uruguay over who would top the group.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]But the World cup magic worked up, Senegal defeated France who were the defending champions. A glorious achievement for the Senegalese side which had been a French colony in the past and managed to pull off another incredible world cup upsets, while for France things got worse they lost all the group matches and to make things worse they failed to score a goal in all their 3 group matches.[spacer height=”30px”]

Senegal went on to win Sweden in the Last 16 before losing to Turkey. This was only the second time that an African nation qualifies past the Last 16.[spacer height=”30px”]

Image result for senegal vs france 2002

[spacer height=”30px”]4.Swiss treat for Spanish[spacer height=”30px”]

in their first match of the 2010 world cup, Spain were handed a shocking defeat at the hands of Switzerland. A 1-0 defeat was a wake-up call for the Spanish who went on to win the remainder of the group matches.[spacer height=”30px”]

This was the first team that a team would go on to lift the World Cup despite losing their first match of the tournament. Quite an achievement to pull it off but more credit to the Swiss team for beating the eventual champions of the tournament and scripting one of the greatest world cup upsets. [spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]They continued their run and eventually lifted the World cup. This defeat was a turn around for  Spain and for  Switzerland they failed to make it past the group stage despite winning their group leaders.[spacer height=”30px”]

With World cup ahead its not only the clash of the heavyweights that we should look ahead too we can also expect for the minnows to punch above their weight and bring down some incredible world cup upsets.[spacer height=”30px”]



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