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Why This Arsenal Legend Is Wrong About Arsenal’s Recent Despair and In His Views About David Dein

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Wright’s claims that the departure of David Dein led to the end of Arsenal’s success are misplaced and naive.

I love Ian Wright, as a player he gave everything and as a pundit, his insights are normally well presented and precise but his recent declaration that Arsenal’s success ended when David Dein departed are just emotional ramblings because David Dein and Chairman Peter Hill-Wood effectively killed the club between them.

Yes, David Dein was Mr Arsenal, yielded great power and influence in the English game but his departure from Arsenal was the catalyst for the club’s current situation.

Wright was clearly deluded in saying,

“With David Dein going, that was the beginning of the end,”


“That is a problem. That is a massive problem. He’s the kind of person, in respects of football and knowledge and vision and love for the club, who you can’t afford to lose.”

Ironically, it was Dein’s blind belief that an unknown American businessman could extend the club’s success through investment that led to him being thrown out of Arsenal.

The American investor to elevate the North London club to elite status was Stan Kroenke and David Dein had knowingly initiated a series of events that undermined all his hard work and dedication in one simple, misplaced, treasonous act.

I was ignorant of the scale of Dein’s deceit and overwhelming levels of narcissistic ambition but that was evident when the former vice-chairman decided that he needed a new deal maker to reinstall him.

Enter Alisher Usmanov, an Uzbek born billionaire businessman, who bought the stake in the club owned by Dein for £75 million. Judas did it much cheaper but that’s inflation for you, anyhoo, Dein had managed to create another stalemate and power struggle at the club, further sullying his legacy, whilst virtually consigning Arsenal to an unprecedented period of failure and mediocrity.

Hill-Wood who initially has reservations about Kroenke, sold out to him and the war of attrition between the two major shareholders began, so for Wright to claim that Dein should be measured merely by his success is laughable.

Dein has done more damage to Arsenal than Kroenke has so far and it was David Dein that invited him to the table. It was Dein that romanced him into investing and it was Dein that fostered and nurtured the divisions at the club by providing it with two investors that only had their own self interests at heart. A bit like David Dein.

My love for Ian Wright, the Arsenal legend will endure , however David Dein has become something of a pantomime figure. The mere mention of his name gets my pulse racing and I can feel my lip curling upwards to such a degree, that I probably resemble a snarling guard dog at the perimeter fence.

Although I appreciate the success Dein delivered to the club by appointing Arsene Wenger, he undermined it all because he wanted to preserve his position and rekindle his influence. No one is bigger than Arsenal and David Dein, without doubt, felt he was in the end.

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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