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Xhaka to be permanent Arsenal captain and like parliament I want an immediate referendum.

Arsenal captaincy, Xhaka

The similarities between Brexit and the Arsenal captaincy are becoming incredibly similar, I’m not going to go through the whole ‘how we started to where we are ‘ thing on that political hot potato but at Arsenal, Unai Emery had made Granit Xhaka his captain, one of five but clearly the main one.

He then apparently opened the doors for the players to vote for the captain/captains of their choice, only for us to be informed that Xhaka will be installed as the captain for the rest of the season. Voting isn’t exactly what it used to be and it appears that it can be overlooked or ignored if it doesn’t produce the expected results.

Let’s cut to the chase and Emery’s complete blind spot when it comes to Xhaka. I’ve tried to understand what he sees it the slack footed, fur brained, absent minded midfielder but I, like thousands of other supporters, can’t.

It’s like the emperors new clothes, Wenger says he’s a good player, Emery says he’s a good player but I’m not going to join this naked love in with a player that loses the side points regularly, one that tackles like a sexually frustrated bear and often appears to zone out in dangerous situations.

His persistence with Xhaka is absolutely maddening and one can only assume that Emery made a promise to a Swiss Aunt on her death bed.

I’ve argued this point time and time again and at the risk of copy and pasting, Xhaka can not and will never be an Arsenal Captain because he doesn’t possess the attributes of a leader. His game is established with all its faults and at 27, he’s not about to change or suddenly become everything he needs to be.

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Damn it ! It’s like Emery is deliberately trying to show he’s made of stern stuff and has unlimited courage in difficult circumstances or that someone said that he is incapable of sticking by his principals, so he’s picked a cause that’s already lost.

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Arsenal don’t possess a ready made captain in the traditional sense but Xhaka and Ozil for god’s sake !!! Give it to Rob Holding, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Hector Bellerin or Matteo Guendouzi. Players that make a contribution and care, not one of these wishy washy shoulder shruggers.

When Emery withdrew Xhaka against Aston Villa it was greeted with cheers and as soon as he sat down we saw improvements. Emery must have noticed or did he zone out too ?

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The appeal for the support of Xhaka has fallen on deaf ears. Too many times he’s let Arsenal down, too many times he’s cost points.
It’s over and out I’m afraid !!!

Emery may make him captain but he will never join the elite list of Arsenal greats…Frank McLintock, Tony Adams, David O’Leary, Cesc Fàbregas and Patrick Vieira. Captain ? I don’t think so.

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