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Watch Xhaka Literally Picking his nose as Cleverly scores the winner in front of him


A lot has happened on the pitch which may have contributed to Arsenals tragic and excruciating loss to Watford but one thing seems to stand out in particular as Watford sealed a 92nd min winner against Arsenal.

Apart from questionable refereeing decisions, blatant missed opportunities, controvertial and ‘scandalous’ penalty decisions there is one thing in particular which seems to have send Arsenal fans everywhere into meltdown.

Basically most of the fans credit us conceding the last minute goal to Granit Xhaka for his defensive nous and his actions as Cleverly slotted his the defining goal for Watford in the 92nd minute.

A new low for Granit Xhaka 

The Swiss midfielder stood at the edge of the penalty box as Watford pushed for the winner and at a moment when Arsenal had 3 players inside the box whereas Watford had 4.

It wouldn’t have been such a blunder from him if it weren’t for the fact that Watford had a man inside the box unmarked when the ball is coming in from the sideways and there is basically moments to go before the whistle is blown.

With just more than one minute to go, Xhaka stood at the edge of the box and instead of recognizing the danger in the form of Tom Cleverly who was hardly 3 yards in front of him, preferred to stand his ground and as the ball fell to Cleverly for him to slot home. Xhaka had barely moved.

Quite a criminal piece of defending from someone who has quite often come under fire for his defensive attributes or lack of thereof.

Xhaka seemed completely oblivious to his opponent standing five yards in front of him, unmarked and ready to pounce on a loose ball and even if he is not to be blamed solely for Arsenal conceding the goal, it cannot be anyhow denied that there was a lot that could have and should have been done by the Swiss midfielder instead of just being a passenger.

Infact the worst part for Xhaka is the fact that he has been literally captured PICKING HIS NOES by the cameras as he stands and looks on at former united midfielded Tom Cleverly doing his old club a favour and dooming us to an injury time defeat to a midtable team in this fiercely competitive league.

Watch as Xhaka does his thing as Cleverly goes on to score the winner for Watford :


Honestly if an unmarked Cleverly is standing just yards away from you when the ball is coming in from the side, its a criminal and godawful piece of defending if you are standing and watching him as you pick your nose in the best possible time.

I mean where is the drive, the passion that comes when you wear the jersey. How can anyone just stand and watch an unmarked played in front of him waiting to receive a ball in from side as you watch from the back. Honestly there has gotta be some footballing brain in you if the club pays 30million for you.

Else the person paying lacks the brains i guess.

Its incidents and matches like these which sum up the last decade of our club and show why the Invincibles were immortalized and these guys are slandered left right and centre. From seeing Viera charging at Roy Keane to now seeing our tough tackling midfielder picking his nose and watching on the field as Cleverly scores the winner in front of him.

Makes you feel exactly how brutally honest Troy Deeney was in humiliating us in his interview to Martin Keown. 

Here are some of the mild tweets directed at Xhaka after his role in Cleverly’s winner :


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