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Not Agent But Arsenal Actually The Reason Why Zaha’s Dream Move Never Materialised

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As per reports, Crystal Palace winger Wilfred Zaha has sacked his agent, Will Salthouse, after growing irritated of the agent’s disillusioned services and the failure of securing a move to the Emirates in the summer.

When a football player decides he’s had enough of his current club, he tends to completely ignore the terms of his contract and sulk for an unspecified period before calling his agent. There’s a fair amount of posturing and chest puffing that takes place, but the club generally off load the troublesome individual for a healthy return.

It’s even more compelling when the player in question names his preferred destination (Arsenal) in the hope that they come calling but for Crystal Palace hotshot Wilfred Zaha, it was a high stakes game of poker blowing up on his face.

It also proved to be a rather unsatisfying and embarrassing episode for Crystal Palace co-owner Steve Parish, who almost instantly doubled what the player is realistically worth after sensing he had the advantage over the slightly frugal Gunners and although a bid came, it wasn’t even remotely close to the figure Palace had in mind.

Zaha was apparently livid and it took a lot of dialogue after the player accused the club of deliberately sabotaging and preventing his ‘dream’ move.

He subsequently went nowhere after Everton, Arsenal’s competitors in the non-existent bidding war, purchased a cheaper alternative in Alex Iwobi on transfer deadline day.

There are rumours that Arsenal are still interested and an acknowledgment from Zaha that he still wants the move, so if Palace sober up in time for January, it could be feasible.

Yet, Zaha needed to express his dissatisfaction at some level and with his employers refusing to sell cheap and Arsenal refusing to pay top dollar, someone’s head had to land on the chopping block.

Zaha took the only lightweight way out and dispensed the services of his agent Will Salthouse of agency USM.
The player placed the blame for the fiasco squarely with his representative and also accused him of being instrumental in the deteriorating relationship between himself and the club.


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It’s a completely bonkers situation where there are no winners, but plenty of red faces and Zaha has had to turn out for Palace even though he admitted that he was too good for them. Cringe !

It’s just another fine example of a players power and ego, but on this occasion Zaha could move the rock but not the mountain.

If I were Arsenal, I’d steer clear because they have emerging talent within the club in the form of Bukayo Saka and Reiss Nelson. Both have yet to locate their egos and will certainly be a lot cheaper to indulge once they do.

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