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Why United Should Stick With Mourinho Despite The Most humiliating Home Loss In His Career

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Three games, two losses and one to blame – Jose Mourinho. The 2018/19 season for the Portuguese looks to be decisive one irrespective of whether he’ll be here next year. Jose Mourinho’s managerial career at United has come to a still, with no one knowing where to go, what to do, how to do and now Zinedine Zidane being revealed as the hot favourite to replace Jose here.

He’s been at odds with the club and the players, just hoping not to be sacked any time soon. The fans, the media and the critics asking just one question ‘Where are the wins?’, to which Jose is pointing towards Ed Woodward and asking ‘Where are the defensive signings?’ Its all a big gimmick right now really with everyone more than happy to be pointing fingers internally at each other.

Mourinho reacts to Lindelof’s blunder.

According to Mirror, the situation in the United hierarchy is critical and people behind the scenes want to get back to winnings way by making way for Zinedine Zidane. The French has an incredible CV at his disposal, also has made reportedly made contact with Pogba and Martial urging them to stay and fight amid speculations about their future, according to DailyStar.

According to the report, Zidane is said to have informed them about his intensions of managing at the most successful club in Europe and wants to make sure that he has his compatriots available and here at the club when he does move in at the expense of Jose.

To understand the situation, Woodward is no football Guru basically and cannot competently judge if a player is good enough. Though his commercial brilliance has brought more money to the Glazers, United have fallen completely short on playing the way they were meant to be. Despite that the Glazers will be more than happy to keep the Portuguese running his show and making it to the Champions League spot so that the money keeps flowing in.

To be honest they do invest and if it weren’t for this crazy and unpredictable and highly inflated market, United might have bought them that World Class centre back that everyone seems to be craving for. However the fact of the matter now is that Jose is completely unhappy frustrated and out of ideas about a summer that has horribly gone wrong for him and the club.


  • First and foremost thing is to appoint a Director of Football, making things easier for manager and the club.
  • Secure the signings, as if United haven’t spent too much. Two more and we are good to go, else part ways.
  • ‘DO NOT’ sack Jose Mourinho, he’s the Special One


Before we go on to discuss anything about how great a manager he’ll be at Old Trafford, lets talk a about the atmosphere and the condition he’s been in during his brief tenure at Real as the Head Coach. Real Madrid had appointed Zidane as their manager after promoting him from assistant manager, during his tenure there was very little team building and developing for the future, Zidane and papa Perez made do with what was the best team possible without managing to really bring out the best in other new players as well. Most of the youth players that even flourished under him were actually brought back an trusted in the club setup by former manager Rafael Benitez.

Moreover It was already a team of Champions, a regular in the UEFA Champions League and a title contender. But the situation at United is completely different  and something that Zidane has never managed. The team at Jose’s disposal is definitely not the one for challenging for the champions league, it is under performing but then again if Jose Mourinho cannot bring out the best in them and get them back on the right track then who can.

Surely a three times champions League winning manager will know how to get a team in there in the closing stages of the champions league while removing whatever it is thats holding back this United team. This is Jose’s team now, his players trust him enough and now is the time for them to be showing that to the world.

The defense is more worrying, when asked if Mourinho knew what his best back four was he answered it with a straight ‘NO’. So, Zidane who might possibly be coming in next season if reports are to be believed will basically have to start with scratch and then figure out where the rot is for the next 8-12 months and completely give it all to bring the team up to scratch and then start with getting them to win things. Whereas Jose is already here, he knows his team inside out and honestly its a no brainer why he must be the best suited to fix the issues currently troubling his team.

For starters players like Paul Pogba need to step up, the manager can only do so much about the way the team performs but the players are the one who need to deliver. Martial was given a chance against Brighton but flopped. Against Tottenham, Luke Shaw gave his all, by far the best player so this goes on to show how motivated players are making a difference and some aren’t. His people need to get behind him and give it all. There can be no excuses from here on and Jose knows that really well, now its upto the players to ingrain that and work to give it all out there.



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