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Here Is How Arsenal Need To Play Lucas Torriera To Get The Absolute Best Out Of Their Midfield

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The boy hasn’t started a match yet , but has impressed gunners from all across the globe. Yes , I am talking about our Uruguayan lion- Lucas Torreira.

Since signing from Sampdoria, Arsenal’s newest midfield addition has had to make do with a couple of appearances of the bench however his substitute appearances have already been quite effective defensively. While he was on pitch, only Marcos Alonso was able to score against the North Londoner’s keeping both the fierce attackers of Man City and West Ham quiet.

Torreira recently speaking to the press about his life under new coach said :

“I’m one of the newer players and I’ve just joined up with the squad.

“There are a lot of young players and we’re working very hard, with a lot of intensity.

“We’re getting to grips with what the coach wants from us and I think we’ve played some good football in the past few games.”

‘Getting to grips’ is a very positive statement from the Uruguayan. It speaks volumes about how he is gradually learning, both about Emery’s strategies and the toughness of the premier league. The fact that he thinks we have played good football is motivational and optimistic, however it isn’t the reality. We really know how the gunners haven’t been up to their best in the last few matches.

Even the win against bottom placed West Ham was barely edged out and could have gone either way if it weren’t for their wastefulness.  The defense has been out of place quite too many times, the finishing hasn’t been intricate, and balance between attack and defense simply not there yet.

Continuing on his adjustment to life he further added ,

“It’s all very new for me because I’ve come from a different type of league. The climate is different here and the way of life too, but I’m settling in nicely and training hard – the sessions are different too.”

This is great to hear, the faster Lucas settles in London , the better it is for Arsenal. Hearing him speak about how the sessions are different gives us a snippet into the rigorous tactics Emery is making his team adopt. Its only natural that it will take time for his tactics to bear fruit. Rome was’t built in a day so unless we expect miracles to happen overnight its clear that Torreira and his manager both need time to get used to the League and to effectively understand better what they need to do better and how.

Torreira played at the base of Sampdoria’s midfield diamond, and from that position, he combined quality on the ball with a generally perceptive approach to defense. In my opinion Emery should operate him in the same position, but instead of a midfield diamond with two CDMs with a CAM, play with a CAM in Ozil, the DM which sits back- Torreira and the advanced DM- Granit Xhaka.

People critcise the Swiss international a lot for his lack of mobility and how exposed the defense often becomes in his presence, however what they don’t notice is how he operates with a proper partner backing him and providing the protection to the defense which would allow him to operate a bit higher up like he does for his country.

With Torreira backing him, he would’t have to worry about the defense to a great extent. A prime example was the game on Saturday against West Ham. Torreira came on in half time and changed the game. Xhaka had more freedom and distributed the ball well which led to a great number of chances and hence 2 goals.

However , Guendozi has become a fan’s favorite. At the tender age of 19 , he has been praised and has been named Emery’s best signing’ . But with just 3 games being played, nothing can be set in stone just yet, plus the fact that Torreira hasn’t started a game yet has to be taken into account.

I’d love to see Xhaka and Torreira start against Cardiff , just because of the professionalism and the perfect blend of the two sharp ball stealing plus beautiful long range passing which equals a successful dynamic defensive midfield pair.



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