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Emery’s Tactical Fantasy is Clearly Haemorrhaging Points With the Competition Pulling Further Away

Unai Emery, James rodriguez move

Arsenal really are misfiring this season under Emery and at this rate with two premiership wins in nine games and five points from their last four games, they are in imminent danger of falling out of the top six and heading for a mid table finish. An over exaggeration ?

Problems at Arsenal lie Much Deeper than Confused Tactics and new Players and Arsenal’s Assistant Coach may Have no Choice but to take the Reigns Soon Enough

Freddie Ljungberg, Ljungberg, Ljungberg assistant coach

He’s made quite an impact at Arsenal as a coach since his arrival at the Emirates and up until now, he has been standing in the shadows but Freddie Ljungberg may be thrust into the top job on a temporary basis if Unai Emery gets fired. It’s all speculation at present

A marriage of Inconvenience, Emery has no Choice but to use his Discarded Star as the Protagonist for Their Turnaround now

Ozil, Mesut Ozil, Ozil staying at Arsenal, Mario Gotze, Mesut

The embarrassing situation at the Emirates regarding the spat between Arsenal coach Unai Emery and his highly paid playmaker Mesut Ozil has taken a new, awkward twist. With Xhaka facing a period out of the gunners first team, the door opened, ever so slightly and reluctantly for Ozil’s return. His inclusion

Arsenal need to Squeeze Vitoria in their Second Meeting for Confidence let Alone Progress in the Europa league

Arsenal vs Standard Leige Arsedevils

Unai Emery needs a victory and any kind will do. Let’s be honest, Arsenal fans are looking for some sign that the ship is steady and that the Spaniard has control. It may not end up that way because in their first encounter, Vitoria had every right to feel short changed,

Emery’s Press Conference on Xhaka Needed to Show Strength but Failed Miserably


I tuned in eagerly to Unai Emery’s press conference post Xhaka gate, in the hope of seeing leadership and control but having watched the majority of it, there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that the agreeable, well mannered Spaniard is out of his depth here. More coach

Has the job at the Emirates Become a Poisoned Chalice Since Wenger’s Departure

Arsenal, Unai Emery, Kroenke

Arsene Wenger’s reign at Arsenal reached the point where it imploded due to a run of poor performances and results. The man who did so much to build the club and achieved so much success was dispensed with because he was in an untenable position. His legacy was tarnished, his achievements

Make or Break for Emery As Arsenal’s Divisions and Despondency Threatens to Engulf Their Entire Season

Unai Emery, James rodriguez move

Sometimes there is a turning point in a season that will be viewed after it’s ended as the factor that defined it. That can be in a positive or negative way of course but recent events at the Emirates are threatening to derail any aspirations of a top four finish

Emery Suffers More and More Criticism After Arsenal fans Marvel at the Wizard of Oz

Ozil and Kolasinac, Ozil

He’s been an outcast and a scapegoat. He’s been referred to as a luxury, lazy and useless but the truth is that Arsenal appear to need of Mesut Ozil. Emery had dispensed with the services of the creative midfielder in an ongoing spat but fate intervened when Granit Xhaka was involved

Underestimate Josh Kroenke at Your Peril, he Will act Quickly if Emery Continues to Fail to Deliver

Josh Kroenke, Kroenke, Arsenal

Anyone confusing Stan Kroenke with his son Josh may need to think again. Josh is a sports fan that has a business brain. Pappy Stan is a business man who has various sports assets. Whenever Stan talks about Arsenal it’s on a commercial level but when Josh has been interviewed,

Has Pepe’s incredible Brace lit the Fuse for the Much Awaited blast off in an Arsenal Jersey

Nicolas Pepe, Pepe

Nicolas Pepe has struggled in the premier league, no doubt about that but fans need to remain patient as the adjustment process continues. However, his brace of stunning free kicks announced his class and talent in the cheeky 3-2 win over Vitoria at the Emirates. Pepe, weighed heavy with expectation and